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The Fab 5

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Aug 6 ∙ 1 Min Read

When five women stepped out of their comfort zones, hopped on planes and trains from 5 cities across 2 countries to see what a weekend at Campowerment might have to offer them, never did they think they’d return home with friends who feel like family (after 4 days!).

In the nine short months since fate placed Campowerment at the intersection of their paths, this girl-group has had multiple reunions, exchanged thousands of messages, sent loving care packages  and even met each other’s families.

Introducing: the “Fab5” of women’s weekend #21 (and oh-so-far-beyond…)

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Way-Fun Fact #27
One of every two campers at Classic Camps has been there before. Why come back? Because every camp is different each time, and, as humans, so are we!