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The gift I found at Campowerment (Hint – we ALL have it)

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Mar 25 ∙ 3 Min Read

How often do we get to explore ourselves in real time?

The intellectual answer is obvious – all the time. And yet, do we really?

At Campowerment, I discovered who I am, by getting to experience me as me. Not a partner – professional  – sister – caretaker  – employee – boss – parent  – chauffeur – short-order cook – OR another character I was playing on any given day.

At Campowerment, I got to choose ME every moment of every day, four days in a row. I did what I wanted to do, with others or solo. Stuck a toe in where I was reluctant and said no if I really didn’t want to. 

Every experience was a chance to re-meet my true, authentic self.

With freedom to be me, I played like a silly kid and experienced what it truly feels like to be enough. And, in the quiet, I explored internal dialogues and habits that unknowingly leash and limit me….like: – Comparing myself to others – Judging myself and others – Not feeling like I belong or fit in (when actually: I do!) – Being overly sensitive – Pleasing others at my expense – Feeling shame – Hiding.

And in that THAT, I found the best gift Campowerment could have given me (that, actually, through camp: I gave myself): to BE MYSELF MORE.

And the more me that shows up (vs. who I think I should be or try to be, for others), the more things naturally find me – opportunities – people – experiences – joy – clients – fun plans -new ideas. So simple and obvious once I saw it. Oh, to be perfectly imperfect. To be enough. And…my life has never been the same.

If any of this resonates for you – if even just a little – I have 2 offers:

  1. My time: I’d love to hear what’s coming up for you, and what piques your interest about camp this Fall (Sept 19-22 in the Poconos).

    Schedule a call with me this week (while Campowerment’s only sale of the year is still live) -or- email me at to let me know you’d like to chat. Whether that leads you excitedly to signing up for camp, or leads you elsewhere, these types of conversations really are a part of my purpose to be myself more. Let’s connect.

  2. The only sale on camp this year: You can take up to $250 off camp this year if you register before midnight this Sunday, a deal that’s meant to get you putting your plans for YOU at the top of your priority list, perhaps a little earlier than you have everything planned for everybody else in your family, on your team, in your life…so you don’t take more months to squeeze what YOU want in, last.

    Take me up on this deal this week and save by registering HERE. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have in the process.

I so hope to hear from you. And more: to spend real time with the most YOU ‘round the campfire this Fall.

Meryl Russo
Campowerment’s “Good Will Ambassador”

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