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The Monthly Milestone tradition is turning 3!!!

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Feb 22 ∙ 3 Min Read

We consider the Monthly Milestone Circle a recurring check-in with yourself and your community — the women in your corner. It’s a way of realizing how you spent your time over the past four weeks; of celebrating it, not for its productivity but for the meaning it had to you; and of using it as a springboard to dream of where you’re headed next.

We’re so-o proud of what each and every woman has created within this little bubble of daring vulnerability, big dreaming, targeted planning, micro-manifesting and communal accountability, over these long-short years.

To honor the occassion, we asked 35 women —  some who are active members of our year-round membership community; some who joined us to contribute + receive for a moment in time — what the Monthly Milestone tradition has meant to them:

What is the Monthly Milestone tradition?

🟠 It’s the most amazing group of women who want you to be the best you.
🟠 A date where you show up for the community; and stay for the love and support.
🟠 It is my favorite hour and a half during the month.
🟠 Somewhere you are welcome anytime and all the time.

I love & value:

🟠 That it has helped me be more of myself in the world.
🟠 Having a safe place to share and be heard without judgment.
🟠 Celebrating my wins, rather than just moving on.
🟠 Being able to connect on Zoom and instantly feel the love of Campowerment.

I am learning:

🟠 My value, and how to better find MY voice!
🟠 That I am a lot more successful and accomplished than I realized.
🟠 That I follow up better when I know I’ve made commitments in the group.
🟠 That it’s ok to cheer ME on, too…

Being a part of this Campowerment tradition & growing how I am, makes me feel:

To one another, the women of the Milestone tradition say:

🟠 THANK YOU! For being my people. For listening, encouraging, sharing, being vulnerable and loving.
🟠 I love seeing your faces.
🟠 Thank you for throwing your whole-self in! You encourage and inspire me all the time!
🟠 You are all incredible and warm my heart each month!
🟠 Thank you all for for showing me the beautiful gift that women are in this world!

. . .

Women: You are welcome here.

Become a member to be a part of our Monthly Milestone Tradition and so much s’more.

Milestone is just one of 10 live, expert-led, beating-heart, totally-enlivening sessions offered to members every month…all included for just $49 (and less when you join annually).

Interest piqued? Heart-strings tugged? Consider joining for the next Milestone Circle, this coming Monday, March 4th:

We’d (all) be thrilled to have you in here to shape the tradition’s future, and allow it to shape yours, too!

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