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Welcome to Daughter’s Month

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ May 4 ∙ 3 Min Read

Every month (even every day) brings us gifts. Every month: another excuse/reason to begin again. 

As May blossoms and blooms we celebrate because…

This month brings us sunshine (we hope). It brings us flowers and new openings and things that used to feel familiar but now feel a little bit foreign — and that’s OK and good and to be expected. And also, this month brings us Mother’s Day. As such, being a community founded and led by three generations of mommas and their pups, we feel May offers us a pathway to honor our lineage.

Level setting – here’s the deal:

Not everyone likes (or liked) their mom
Not everyone loves (or loved) their mom
Not everyone is (or wants to be) a mom


We all had one!
Whether she came and went, and did deeds that made you proud to be her offspring…
Whether she is alive or her time on Earth is done (this time)…
Whether she is estranged from you or she is your best friend, is extraordinary or is totally nuts…

You were born and/or raised with some of what makes her, her.

So, this month, we invite you to explore your lineage, sweet daughters! May we skip and hop and bop around the Maypole in a swirly path of the feminine ancestry that landed us on these two feet. May we take Mother’s Day and raise it up.

Welcome to Daughter’s Month. 

This month, we offer you the usual dope dope dope programming to take your life to the next level, in the best company of fabulous women like you (live, 6 days a week!). Plus, we’ve woven in offerings to empower you to untangle the knots, to weave your rich stories together and to honor the parts of your mother’s ancestry that you actually want to keep, and transmit (to your children, friends, neighbors or the people in line near you at the coffee shop!). 

You’ll find sessions like:

Astrological Communications With Your Mom
Daughters of Difficult Mothers
Motherless Daughters
Multi-Generational Cooking Class
Grandy’s Book Club: Untamed
Being a Boy Mom
Journaling: Letter to Your Mom’s Mom’s Mom
Divine Feminine Ancestry
How NOT to Become Your Parents

And it’s all powered by our awesome sponsor-friend Dr. Tina Koopersmith, OB/GYN, who’s more recently become the coaching doctor who specializes in sexuality.

Dr. Tina’s a long-time member of the Campowerment community who, when not playing, is both running West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center, the Los Angeles fertility practice she founded, but also using her 30 years as an OB-GYN to help women connect to their intimacy and sexuality…focusing on the things women aren’t talking enough about! With decades of experience helping women get pregnant, she’s expanded her practice to include sexuality and wellness coaching because, as we all know, there’s a whole lot  more to this body than reproducing! With Dr. Tina, women find vitality in up-leveling their sexuality and life…

Check out her coaching programs here:

And join her for these programs this month:
// Feminine Imagination: Let Your Fantasy Transform Your Story
// Turn Yourself On

We hope you’ll join us this month to untangle long-standing motherhood mysteries, to find unexpected gifts, to put YOU on the top of your to-do, and to learn, connect and grow, together!

From the campfire & beyond!!

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