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We’ve All Got Stuff

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Jan 3 ∙ 3 Min Read

Sometimes, stepping into our power doesn’t mean being a rockstar in every way. Sometimes the most powerful move you can make is to own your sadness, or your stuck-ness.  There’s massive power in having the courage to say ‘you know what, I’m not okay over here.  I could really use some help.’

Enter Jessica Tyler,  who decided to do something nice for herself by nominating herself for a Give Her Camp scholarship.  When she arrived in the Poconos in September 2018, she felt the cracks she had been patching over burst open. She arrived the way so many women do: feeling burnt out and exhausted from a particularly challenging year.  She thought she knew exactly what had to work on: healing from the trauma of her son’s accident.

It had been two years since Jessica’s husband took a life-altering tumble down a flight of stairs while holding their baby boy. That tumble resulted in her son’s traumatic brain injury.  Jessica’s two years went in no way according to the plan she had for her life; she spent the majority of her time in crisis mode, organizing and controlling the chaos of his medical journey that became her day-to-day routine. The more her son’s health and life improved,  the more Jessica realized that she that she wasn’t healing at the same pace.

At Campowerment,  Jessica attended a whole host of Workshops,  and felt the dam burst through the cracks she had glossed over. Within just a couple of days, she realized there were unexpected things she needed to work on.  As she put her feet in the grass and listened to the other women around her, Jessica found comfort in realizing that she wasn’t alone in her struggles.  She opened her eyes,  for the first time in a long time, to the fact that everyone,  in their own rite,  has “big sh*t” going on.

At camp,  Jessica came to understand that she is okay, exactly where she is, exactly as she is, with all she has and all she does not. She was going to be ok. And so was everyone else here.

“When I got home, I was going through everything and finally understood that [I] need to do for [myself],”  Jessica said.  “I thought that because I’m a mom, the kids have to come first. I finally realized that ‘no,  I need to take time for me.’”

She carried these lessons home with her, along with a few others.  These tiny shifts,  like getting outside more,  meditating with her husband and taking time to breathe,  have helped her refill her cup, and continue the work she started at Campowerment.

Read s’more about the lessons Jessica took home from Campowerment in an article she penned about her experience for Denver Metro Moms blog:

Take a step toward the self-acceptance and readiness you need to take on the rest of your life. Register for a Campowerment women’s weekend here. We’ll be waiting for you with open arms, a strong community of women who are willing to show up for themselves and each other, and a program that’ll knock down the barriers your mind’s created for you. (Join us, wouldya?)

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