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Why These Experts: November 2018

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ Oct 25 ∙ 5 Min Read

Wondering how and why I’ve assembled the smorgasbord of Experts who are coming to Campowerment this November 9-12? 

It’s not an accident that all these thought leaders are touching on transformation of some sort.  It’s 2018, and we’re embracing change just as fast as we can, but that isn’t always easy.  Here’s the inside scoop on the reason I tapped this line-up:

Dr. Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.: Because at some point, we’re going to have to to deal with a narcissist, or two or five, in our professional or private lives, or even when we’re in the position of power (though it tends to sting worse when we’re not).  Learning how to deal with them has never been more relevant. 

Joan “Grandy” Leader, Journaling Coach:  Because she’s my mommy! No, just kidding. She is, but in an increasingly digital world, it’s important to remember that words, handwritten on paper, have a power all their own. And no matter what “progress” looks like, this will always be true. Through our words, we can begin to start manifesting our legacy,  starting right now. Grandy’s gotchu.

Andrea Quinn, Empowerment Coach: Again: No matter how advanced technology gets, we humans are still not mind-readers, and because of this truth, we’re each tasked with helping the others along in giving us what we want out of life. Imagine if we all felt confident enough to ask for what we need, when we need it, all the time?  Andrea can teach us how to do that, without feeling like anything less than a superstar.

Anne “Sussy” Sussman, Meditation Instructor: It’s no secret meditation and mindfulness can change how we look at our lives, but it’s with great confidence that I remind everyone that it can change the reality of our lives, too. Sussy is the living example of that.

Dr. Cynthia Ambres, MD: She is a celebrated doctor who can help us understand how blending conventional Western medicine with centuries-old Eastern philosophies can help us heal ourselves holistically…and why we really, really, really should stop Googling our symptoms or acting with less smarts in our medical journeys than we do in our journeys down the aisle of a grocery store. What’s with that?!

Dr. Judith Orloff, MD: We’ve got enough of our own sh*t to deal with, and that’s before we take on anyone…or worse, everyone else’s! Dr. Judith’s books have changed my life, and that’s why I invited her to come teach us ALL how to stop absorbing the emotions of those around us and protect our own energy.

El Larson, Sound Practitioner: Sometimes the noise around us can be deafening. And sometimes it’s so deafening to the senses that the senses forget what life sounds like naturally. Using a technical mindset, with the help of ancient Tibetan bowls and other instruments, El creates a space where sound can resonate in our bodies and heal us, from the inside out. I love what it feels like to let her.

Joanna Kleinman, LCSW: Everyone has an “Inner Critic,” a voice that doesn’t ever shut up, constantly reminding us that we’re not good enough.  Joanna will teach us how to stop letting that b*tch run our lives, especially when it comes to parenting…because that Critic is NOT us, and the steps she can help us take with that knowledge can completely transform our relationships.

Krista Rauschenberg, Advanced Akashic Reader:  If we can learn from our past, it might help us create a better future for ourselves. Using breathwork, Krista can teach us how to release old trauma, some we might not even be aware of,  to finally set ourselves free.

Michele Stanten, Walking Coach:Drawing from knowledge gleaned while Fitness Director of Prevention Magazine and lots of years of walking her talk (get it?), Michele is teaching us the basics we probably never learned: how to walk properly – and fast- to get healthy and in shape, and to and lose weight without putting unnecessary strain on our bodies.

Peggy Fitzsimmons, Ph.D (and Soul + Spirit Connector): It’s easy to get sucked into the clouds and want to float away when things get tough.  Peggy comes to ground us and remind us that we already have all the answers if we just get quiet enough to hear them.

Rebecca Zung, Transformation Strategist (and JD): Rebecca can help us thrive when things are changing all around us, and help turn rough spots into HUGE opportunities for growth, positive change and transformation.

Shelly Fisher, Founder: One Tough Bitch: Shelly helps us go deep, to remind us we already have that the strength we need to move forward.  I invited her to help access that one tough bitch who lives inside all of us, and pull ourselves out of the holes we dig when the darkness sets in.

Tasha Blank, DJ, Movement Catalyst: Tasha’s a different kind of change agent, and she’s coming back  to Campowerment to help us use our bodies to transform our souls. We’re gonna dance like no one is watching and experience radical movement in a way that is unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Campers: I can’t wait to transform by your sides. Those who can’t join us this time around, follow along on social as we ride through the weekend and stay tuned for s’more from these power players that I’m so honored we can share with you all. 

From the campfire & beyond,


Chief Empowerment Officer, Campowerment

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