For all of time, women have been the gatekeepers of home and heart; the center of their families, the anchor that holds it all together for everyone else. ​

Since 2013, Campowerment’s retreats, and the community that comes from them, have given women the space to refuel and re-ignite their lives…to return home ready to greatly impact those around them. ​

Give Her Camp (FEIN: 81-1407528) makes Campowerment possible for women who are not only ready to up the ante on their own lives, but to pay it forward, empowering others in their communities at home.

When you empower women, you transform communities.
Are you passionate about empowering women who could change the world, but first: need help reconnecting to their inner spark?


Scholarships for Next-Level Life Learning

Each scholarship empowers one woman to:

  • Attend a Campowerment retreat, where she’ll find…
  • Unparalleled access to incredible thought leaders
  • A community of supportive women
  • Meaningful connection to herself and her dreams
  • Tools to write the roadmap to her next chapter

Together, we provide the experience of a lifetime.

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Extraordinary Women Who Uplift Others

We provide scholarships to women who…

  • Are kind, optimistic and purpose-driven
  • Are already on a journey of self-growth
  • Bring a diversity of perspective to Campowerment
  • Are committed to sharing what they learn to help others
  • Without scholarship, would not be able to attend

Together, we honor the women who need this most.



Made Possible By the Generosity of Community

For, by and with community since 2016:

  • You – the community – directly fund scholarships
  • You – the community – nominate extraordinary women
  • Our board selects the annual scholarship class
  • Scholarship recipients attend camp
  • Scholarship recipients return, ignited to empower others

Together, we make real change.


It helped me find courage to take a chance on living life more fully.
Natasha .:. Brandon, Florida
It was the most life-changing surprise. The camp experience sowed a seed of intergenerational empowerment...I'm forever grateful.
Jennie .:. New York City
It was the first time I did something without knowing anybody, and I gained so much more than I ever imagined.
Sandra .:. Sarasota, Florida
I am taking tools back into real life, and I am better for it.
Jenique .:. Chula Vista, California
Campowerment saved my life, my business, my relationships.
Felicia .:. Orange, New Jersey
Being out in nature is the greatest thing you can do to free your mind…and I did just that.
Sherri .:. Jonesboro, Georgia
I faced and fought through hell and high water, beat every odd and statistic…all to come to Campowerment and realize that I don't look like what I've been through.
Jennie .:. New York City
My world is different since becoming a camper - for the better. Those who support Give Her Camp are truly contributing to changing the world, one woman at a time.
Tiffany .:. Youngsville, Louisiana
At Campowerment, I could see there are so many women that are just like me. They're experiencing the things that I'm experiencing. Seeing them reminded me I am not alone.
Carmen .:. Pomona, California
I felt like I was home.
Jenique .:. Chula Vista, California
A Holistic Approach to Empowerment
Every $2,200 raised is directly funneled into the provision of...
The Campowerment Retreat Experience
Four days away, disconnected from responsibilities, to re-ignite her life! Includes her full stay at an upscale summer camp, where all her needs are thoughtfully supported by women who are "in it" by her side
Community Care: Before & After
From the moment the scholarship is extended, each honoree is paired with a mentor who's walked her path in years past. Plus, there's dedicated onboarding to each year's "class" and all-camp post-care, to integrate once home.
A Network of Resources
Above and beyond all direct support provided is the value of a true, connected community of women. From the thought leaders who provide game-changing insight and access from camp's start to long after its finish, to the professionals and caretakers who become camp friends, once you're here, you're family - and family takes care of family - through whatever life brings.
Nominate a Woman in Your World (or YOU!)
Is there one woman in your orbit who, with the support of this experience, could help brighten the world's tomorrows?
Scholarship FAQ
We're Often Asked...
  • Expectations: What can a scholarship recipient expect to receive?

    Honorees can expect to receive:
    .:. The Campowerment experience (costs covered in full)
    .:. Travel support: assistance in travel coordination for all; a stipend to those who demonstrate need, where funds permit
    .:. Community care before & after camp: information, assistance, support, and mentorship, from the organization as well as past scholarship recipients who have walked this path before — so that they can show up to Campowerment feeling secure and ready to re-ignite; and
    .:. A network of resources that is theirs for a lifetime – to be nurtured in the relationships they hold with the women who share their camp weekend and this community with them.

  • Donation: Can my employer match my donation?

    Yes! Please check with your employer to find out if they can/will match your donation. Give Her Camp is a 501(c)(3) corporation (FEIN: 81-1407528), and as such, eligible for matching programs. If you need assistance in the setup, please reach out to

  • Selection: Who receives Give Her Camp scholarships to Campowerment?

    Give Her Camp provides scholarships to women who…

    • Are kind, optimistic and purpose-driven
    • Are already on a journey of self-growth
    • Bring a diversity of perspective to Campowerment
    • Are committed to sharing what they learn to help others
    • Without scholarship, would not be able to attend
  • Donations: Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Sure is! As a 501(c)(3), Give Her Camp is registered as a nonprofit entity (FEIN: 81-1407528). Should you choose to donate, Give Her Camp will mail, and email, you a tax record at end of year.

  • Donations: To what is my donation applied?

    Donations to Give Her Camp go towards covering 100% of an honoree’s cost for a 4-day Campowerment Classic Camp (which includes meals, lodging, and programming), with small stipends reserved for travel as needed. Scroll up to to learn more about Give Her Camp’s Holistic Approach to Empowerment and its wraparound offerings to support each honoree. Less than 1% of Give Her Camp’s costs are allocated to overhead.

  • Expectation: What is required of a scholarship recipient?

    Every nominee who progresses to an interview agrees to allow Give Her Camp and Campowerment to record and share golden nuggets with the community at-large. With the acceptance of a scholarship, every recipient agrees to allow Give Her Camp and Campowerment to share their Give Her Camp story with the community at-large. This means they are game to write a blog post, be video-interviewed and/or provide testimonials to be featured in the organization’s media (videos, pictures, website, etc.).

    We require this as a means to continue the process of regenerative growth — to keep this organization alive and well!

  • Selection: When are scholarships awarded?

    Give Her Camp’s board of directors reviews scholarship nominations on a rolling basis – with deadlines communicated via Campowerment’s email list as they approach. Nominees (and if relevant, those who nominate them) are notified no later than August of each year. If you were nominated, hang tight — and hold camp’s dates — ’til you hear!

  • Selection: Who selects scholarship recipients?

    Give Her Camp’s board of directors — comprised of power players in women’s empowerment, international media, fundraising in education, technology consulting and entertainment — meets quarterly to review the nominees’ stories and vote on who will become scholarship recipients for upcoming Classic Camps. We do so thoughtfully and in full consideration of all nominations/applications, anonymized, relative to scholarship criteria.

  • Donation: Can I direct my donation towards a specific woman’s scholarship?

    If you’re looking to sponsor a specific camper, full sponsorship opportunities do exist. Please reach out to to inquire.

  • Scholarship Nomination: How do I nominate someone (or myself) for a scholarship to a Campowerment retreat?

    You can nominate someone and/or apply for a scholarship via Give Her Camp, here.

  • People: Who goes to Campowerment’s retreats for women?

    Our campers range in age from 21* to 83 (for real) and they take planes, trains & automobiles from all ends of the globe (U.S., Canada, UK, France, Australia, New Zealand). About 54% of them are repeat campers; 46% are first-timers.

    Some are top Hollywood executives; others recent college grads; USPS employees; entrepreneurs; police officers; thrill-seekers; full-time moms; first-time managers; bloggers and beyond.

    Actually, it’s kind of the best networking on the planet: because nobody** is allowed to say what she does for a living for the first 24 hours, so we get real personal, real quick! Will you fit in? Yes: promise.

    *All campers must be 21 of age or older
    **Except the experts

Give Her Camp
Spark possibility for inspiring women.