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Scholarships to Classic Camps
Give Her Camp
Give Her Camp, Inc. is Campowerment's non-profit partner, dedicated to expanding access to the life learning that its community provides. Scroll for s'more details on how the scholarship process adds another beautiful layer to the regenerative relationships formed within camp's gates.

Campowerment’s 501(c)(3) partner Give Her Camp, Inc. (FEIN: 81-1407528) provides Classic Camp scholarships to extraordinary women to take next steps on their journey through personal, professional and/or spiritual growth and development. 

Funded by members of the Campowerment community and brand partners, with all overhead donated by the Campowerment Crew, Give Her Camp is a labor of love that’s bridged an opportunity gap for more than 85 re-empowered women since 2016.

Scholarship Criteria


  • || Are kind, optimistic and driven by purpose
  • || Are already on a journey of self-growth
  • || Are committed to sharing what they glean from camp to help others in their community
  • || Bring a diversity of experience, race or ethnicity
  • || Without scholarship, would not otherwise be able to afford this program
*We intend for the term “women” to include any who identify with the feminine experience





Beautiful things sometimes take anchor in the eye of the storm. On September 3, 2015, we lost one of our own, and shared with our then-two-year-old community this: “Now that you’re part of us, you’ll come to look to Campowerment for happy reminders, uplifting lessons, notes that make you smile; and we love being that for you, but we’d be lying if we told you some of this behind-the-scenes business-building and movement-growing isn’t hard sometimes.

It is hard. It’s worth it, one thousand million times over, but it is sincerely challenging to make decisions that we are sometimes unsure are the right ones, in service of a project that, over time, has become a community…and an actual extension of our family. But all the obstacles that felt epically huge pale in comparison to the one we, as a community are dealing with today, and that’s the challenge we have writing this love letter about Bunk 4’s Rocky Lima.

Rocky marched into our world via Malibu in November of 2013, coming to camp solo, after round one of kicking cancer’s ass, and landed in a bunk that came to be known as the ‘Bug Juice Bitchezzz.’ ‘Twas a group that, in full disclosure, first proved to us that we were in the right business.

When they got to Campowerment, the Bitchezzzz were strangers who each came alone, looking to connect to themselves and each other; when they left Campowerment, they were soul sisters, ready to re-assemble as cheerleaders, cross-generational mentors, and absolute lifelines for one another.

And while they love to tell us that Campowerment did that for them, we know better. Campowerment gave them the space, sure, but all that love & friendship: they did that. They planned the reunions that sent them running from multiple states; they wrote the ‘Heyyy, Bitchezzz,’ emails that kept the positivity alive; they created and all chipped in to a scholarship fund to pay it forward and send other women to Campowerment; they planned the conference calls to wish Rocky strength and spirit when her cancer came back and kept them out of the hospital room; and they were gracious enough to let us be a part of it all.
It is with extremely heavy hearts that, alongside the Bug Juice Bitchezzz, who drove from all ends of California to Rocky’s bedside last night, we said goodbye to a woman who made us laugh through tears and cry from laughter (’til we peed. Yes, that happened.); a force to be reckoned with on this Earth and wherever she is right now.”

Let’s rewind: In early 2014, led by Rocky and another bunkmate, The Bug Juice Bitchezzz built the first (camper-run) scholarship process, pooling their resources to send a deserving woman to Campowerment. Each of the Bitchezzz got to nominate a friend they thought was worthy of a free ride. We sold them bunk spaces wholesale, then we matched each spot out of pocket with another spot. Through their process, we since sent more than a dozen women to Campowerment, and since 2016, as a result of lots of hard work and more government filings, we’ve run as an official 501(c)(3), committing to keeping this project going for a long time coming. (Bonus: donations for providing this experiential education are tax-deductible for all donors!) All the while, the Campowerment community at-large has stepped up, big time, and funded and nominated and funded and nominated, and we’ve been developing Give Her Camp, Inc. together ever since.

And it’s in honor of many, many people, but first: it honors Rocky, who was this community’s first loss.

We know that, as this is life, we will love and we will lose and we will love more and we will lose. And that sucks. But the Earth will spin and the flowers will bloom, and so will the friendships that take root at the happy place we hope to offer to so many women. And for everyone who takes the risk of loving so big despite inevitable loss somewhere down the line, life will go on, except more enriched, re-ignited, with the best people by their side throughout the journey.

We want to bring more deserving women in for the good stuff, and so, together, we will Give Her Camp.

Scholarship FAQ
We're Often Asked...
  • Is my donation tax-deductible?

    Sure is! As a 501(c)(3), Give Her Camp is registered as a nonprofit entity (FEIN: 81-1407528). Should you choose to donate, the gals at Give Her Camp will send you a downloadable form you may submit to the IRS.

  • To what is my donation applied?

    An extraordinary woman’s life-affirming weekend at a Campowerment Classic Camp, with small stipends reserved for travel support for the nominees that require it. Less than 1% of Give Her Camp’s costs are allocated to anything outside of that, as all services (outside of gov’t filings, legal and accounting) are rendered pro-bono.

  • What is required of a scholarship recipient?

    With the acceptance of a scholarship, every nominee agrees to share the story of how/why she was chosen AND the story of her experience at camp with the community at-large. This means she’s game to write a blog post, be video-interviewed and provide testimonials to be featured in the organization’s media (videos, pictures, website, etc.).

  • When do you pick who will be granted a scholarship?

    Give Her Camp’s board of directors reviews and deliberates on scholarship nominations in May (R1) and August (R2) of each year. Scholarship recipients are notified no later than the 15th of June (R1) and September (R2), and we recommend soft-holding dates until then! If your application or nomination does not lead to a scholarship for your nominee/applicant, you will be notified along the same schedule.

  • How do you choose who will be granted a scholarship?

    Give Her Camp’s board of directors — comprised of power players in women’s empowerment, international media, fundraising in education, technology consulting and entertainment — meets quarterly to review the nominees’ stories and vote on who will become scholarship recipients for upcoming Classic Camps. We do so thoughtfully and in full consideration of all nominations/applications, anonymized, relative to scholarship criteria.

  • Can I direct my donation towards one recipient?

    If you’re looking to sponsor a specific camper, full sponsorship opportunities do exist. Reach out to to inquire.

  • What are the qualities of an ideal scholarship recipient?

    Give Her Camp elevates women who..

    • || Are kind, optimistic and driven by purpose
    • || Are already on a journey of self-growth
    • || Are committed to sharing what they glean from camp to help others in their community
    • || Bring a diversity of experience, race or ethnicity
    • || Without scholarship, would not otherwise be able to afford this program
    *We intend for the term “women” to include any who identify with the feminine experience
  • How do I nominate someone/apply for a scholarship to a Campowerment’s Classic Camp?

    You can nominate someone and/or apply for a scholarship via Give Her Camp, here.

  • Who goes to Campowerment’s retreats for women?

    Our campers range in age from 21* to 83 (for real) and they take planes, trains & automobiles from all ends of the globe (U.S., Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand). About 45% of them are repeat campers; 55% are first-timers.

    Some are top Hollywood executives; others recent college grads; USPS employees; entrepreneurs; police officers; thrill-seekers; full-time moms; first-time managers; bloggers and beyond.

    Actually, it’s kind of the best networking on the planet: because nobody** is allowed to say what she does for a living for the first 24 hours, so we get real personal, real quick! Will you fit in? Yes: promise.

    *All campers must be 21 of age or older
    **Except the experts

Way-Fun Fact #30
At Campowerment, Circles are a safe and sacred space for real talk. Like Vegas, what happens in the Circle, stays there.