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About Joan "Grandy" Leader

Joan has a Master's Degree in Reading and a Campowerment degree in being the cutest cutie in the land. She’s been teaching Creative Writing to aspiring educators for decades, and she’s a trusted diagnostician for children with learning disabilities. We call her “Grandy,” and at Campowerment, she gives us the skills and the confidence to author our legacy, starting NOW. Her out-of-the-box journaling prompts have us asking questions we’ve not previously thought about, and teaches us how to put pen to paper to plan...and then create...the beautiful, vividly colorful life we want to start living. Fun fact: Grandy works double-time as mother of our founder. She’s the eldest of the trio that runs Campowerment!

Journaling for Grandchildren

March 11, 1989

Dearest Chelsea…

Today is Grandy’s birthday…It is my 53rd birthday… A special day in many ways… It is especially awesome because this is my first birthday as a Grandy…My first birthday with you in my life (how lucky I am)… And it marks the beginning of this book…My journal to my first grandchild…

I’ve been […]

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Grandy’s All-Time Favorite Book List

Reading and sharing my love of books has always been my favorite hobby, so when Chelsea, my oldest granddaughter (now my colleague, as Campowerment’s COO), was studying AP English in high school and learning zillions of new vocabulary words, she stumbled on one she thought perfectly described me— Bibliophile: a person who loves or collects books. Yup. That’s exactly what I […]

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Growing Old is Not for Sissies

Art Linkletter was a Radio and TV personality in the 60’s and 70’s, who once wrote a book called “Getting Old is Not for Sissies.”  When I first saw it, I laughed at the thought. But time passes quickly and one day last May, my husband Jerry and I woke up and realized, we’re not really […]

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