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Camp Rules

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Oct 31 ∙ 4 Min Read

If you have joined us for a retreat in the past, you can attest to the fact that, camp does, in fact, RULE.

It’s 72 hours of me-time, where YOU are the only thing you have to take care of at any given moment. No meal planning, no carpools, no emails or work, just YOU and what you’re needing (or better: wanting!)…just because you CAN. And that freaking ruuuulessss!

Speaking of rules, we have very few of ’em at Campowerment, but those we maintain we hold highly, and require our campers to honor with us.

A fan-favorite:

The 24-Hour Rule

No saying what you do for a living for the first 24 hours. Whether your job title is CEO or Stay-At-Home Mom, we don’t want to hear it (sorry not sorry!) for at least a day while retreating. Space from the story we’re so accustomed to telling on autopilot (which so frequently begins with the titles we’ve been assigned) gives us all a chance to break out of our routine and drop into our hearts, to get to know each other as multi-dimension people.

Plus, by the time those 24 hours have come and gone, you will have long forgotten how you defined yourself before you entered camp gates and will have built real connections based on who you are, not what you do. Wonder how that might feel?

See for yourself when you sign up to join us at November camp!

A Couple Other RULES You Might Dig:

The No A$$holes Rule

It seems straightforward (and it is!) but there are no jerks allowed at Campowerment.
In every Campowerment experience (on and offline), we create a bubble of mutual respect, curiosity and emotional safety and invite everyone (and only those) who wants to preserve its sanctity and build a shared experience together. In co-creating a space to learn and unlearn, connect and collaborate, grow out of what’s not working and into our next new beginnings, there just simply is no room for negativity in that.

Think you can abide? (We already know you can!)

Snag yourself a space in this camp bubble (before 11/5!)

The “Here For It” Rule

Big sips of life; lil sips of wine.
No outside substances allowed (besides what’s medically prescribed to you). We do offer wine — alongside VERY DELICIOUS homemade appetizers — to all campers (must be 21 to attend retreats) at our Happy Hour on the last night of camp. We look to you to maintain a clear head (read: be sober and awake to process the magic in the air). You’ll thank us later 😉

For this camp: COVID Rules

Vax & PCR testing required.
Keeping everyone safe and healthy is our #1 priority. That’s why we are requiring that each and every person at camp (venue staff included) show proof of full vaccination (booster not req’d) and proof of a negative PCR test taken within 72 ours of camp’s start time. All the details (and suggestions for where to get tested and get on-time results, right here.  Note: The only testing exception is for those who’ve recovered from COVID within the last 90 days, who, instead of negative test results, must show a doctor’s note (with license # or on letterhead) to verify.

~ back to the fun stuff ~

The YOU at the Top of the To-Do Rule

Follow what calls!

Another obvious one, yes. But obvious does not mean easy. The goal is not to do every activity at camp (in fact, it’s not possible, as we sometimes have 5 sessions running simultaneously)! The goal, instead, is to trust your gut…and follow it as you choose your own adventure. And if you sit somewhere but yearn to be elsewhere, to trust that, and respectfully move to where you know you need to be at any given moment.

Being a grown-up at camp is awesome!

That’s it! Those are the rules!

Now, see the schedule if you still need to…

And then do the damn thing! Sign up for camp this Nov 11-14 in Ojai!

Registration closes 11/5. Get yourself on the inside before then, wouldya?!

To uniting at the best place ever – we know it’s going to RULE!

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

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