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Campers in the Wild: Meryl, Sara, El

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Apr 5 ∙ 4 Min Read

What happens when a community of empowered humans are living in line with their passions? Here’s a lil’ looksie into the milestones of three  incredible women* whom we’re v. proud to call our camp friends…

Our intention is to not only amplify life’s good stuff, but also to inspire you to see the gorgeousness of the fact that you’re among really…like, reallyyyy…fine folx here within camp’s gates.

. . . . . . .

🌳 Meryl Russo x The Tree of Love LA 🌳

If you’ve participated in any of Campowerment’s connective programming, on or offline, chances are you have met (and perhaps fallen in love with) Meryl Russo, camper-turned-expert-and-Goodwill Ambassador. A true nurturer, Meryl’s latest move gives a whole new meaning to, “grow where you’re planted.” 

Through her expert practice to Live in the Pause, Meryl leads groups in Los Angeles on Wisdom Walks, where they press pause on life’s hustle and bustle and listen to the inner wisdom that comes up when connected in nature.

Along these walks, she found a tree on the path they walk on, she writes “it’s just magical, people leave chimes, notes, beads. I always wanted to name the tree.” On a special walk on March 12th (the day Meryl’s late mother would have turned 88, and the 12th Wisdom Walk), Meryl and six of her walkers named it, “The Tree of Love” in hopes that it inspires people to give and receive love. They left pens and notes for people to spread love and will be adding a box for the notes to be dropped into and left/taken as people need them.

In LA and want to join Meryl on a Wisdom Walk? Email Meryl here! Follow @thetreeoflovela to follow this project as it progresses.

. . . . . . .

🐝 Sara Fischer x Bridgerton Season 2 🐝

Is anyone not currently binging season 2 of Bridgerton? (Asking for a friend…) If that’s you, be sure to peep camper Sara Fischer’s Co-Executive Producer cred the next time you’re watching. (If you’re not yet watching, get on this!)

A longtime entertainment exec – at Shondaland for years, Sara came to camp in the early days, after meeting and connecting with Tammi at a kettlebell fitness class on the beach (s/o Missy Beaver). They were both camp girls (yes: they sang camp songs during the first workout they shared), entertainment execs and moms, they forged an instant connection that lasts to this day. One of our best memories is seeing Sara, diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, atop the Leap of Faith blowing us all away as she leapt (and grabbed) the trapeze bar. Turns out, she’s been flying high ever since. 🐝

Fun fact: Sara’s story is what inspired the Hollywood Reporter to feature Campowerment as the best un-networking event in Hollywood 😉 Read that throwback, which still does hold – here. 

A woman with headphones around her neck stands on a film set.

Sara on set – hey, babe!

. . . . . . .

🕵️‍♀️ El Larson, Wellness Designer, ISO a Biz Partner🕵️‍♀️ ​​

Having worked with holistic modalities for over 20 years, most notably, sound therapy, Campowerment expert El Larson wanted to expand and apply that work to living and work spaces.

During the course of a Campowerment expert cohort several years ago, she received the boost she needed to become more confident to pursue it having received valuable feedback and support from the group. Now, that business is growing, and she’s looking for a business partner. 

In her words, “I’m looking for a business partner to help build and expand my practice into an agency, so any leads for that would be appreciated! Also happy to consult on any projects people may have, of course. From renovations to new builds (commercial or residential), or simply ‘my space feels stagnant and I want to change _______ in my life.’

Feng Shui is great for that, and can be done virtually.” Her wellness design practice is a fundamental way to help support long-term wellbeing. Americans spend around 90% of their time indoors and the impact of physical space can be quite significant — from the aesthetics, lighting and acoustics, to air quality/ ventilation and (the shocking amount of) toxics in building materials.

Know someone that fits this bill? Send them to El at

. . . . . . .

What are you creating?! What are you proud of?

Your milestones are our milestones, so if you’re doing something big, something that’s pushing you to live in line with your passion, TELL US WHAT YOU’RE UP TO >> HERE!

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

*By women, we mean: all who identify with the feminine experience


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