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Campowerment State of Our Union: July 2020

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ Jul 16 ∙ 6 Min Read

Pardon our French, but WTF is the state of our world right now?!

A Brief History…

Nearly 8 months into 2020, we’re living in a time warp, where global health, domestic politics and emotional confusion swirl, and yet, we must say: in our little bubble, things have felt worse.

As a family-owned business (and quite frankly, as a family), we’ve been through some sh*t over the last 7.5 years since Campowerment was born. (Haven’t we all? But as long as we are lucky enough to breathe, we’ll face challenges and count our blessings for having the fortitude to overcome them!.)

Let’s rewind for a minute: as many in our community know, in 2018, our Campowerment home base in Malibu burned down with all our possessions, just hours before our biggest-ever camp retreat was set to begin. Our business was in total disarray, but our community empowered us to rise from the ashes, inspiring us to rebuild – with new resolve and new ideas. It was a new beginning, and this community’s collective resilience got us there, to a place that’s actually better.

In 2019, we got hit again, when we unexpectedly lost our matriarch Grandy — my mom and Chelsea’s grandma…known to many as friend, adopted mom, journaling coach or simply the first person who welcomed you home here.

When Grandy fell last summer and we confronted having to stand without her here on Earth, and in this community, we felt like we might fall, too…completely and forever. But we didn’t.

Though not at our strongest, we kept showing up as we were, and you did too. As you were bearing witness to our truths, you let us bear witness to yours, and together we traversed life’s peaks and valleys, finding new ways to summon courage and begin to stand taller.

In the moments in between the big things, healing happened. Not just for us, but for many of you. Because vulnerability invites more vulnerability, which creates the conditions for healing. And where those things live, so does community — real community. The kind whose experience is different…better…because you are there. Community you matter to; community that matters to you.

And THAT, we realized, is the foundation of Campowerment – and our core reason for rebuilding (again!) – to create, recreate and perpetually bring to life the conditions for community like this one. Because every woman* deserves to be part of a cycle of support and empowerment that promotes healing, rebuilding and a path to transformation. And who doesn’t want to do it on a playground like the one we’ve all created together?!

Rebuilding (Again)…

So, fast forward to March 21 of this year. As the world was just beginning to digest the impact of a global pandemic, we knew that women in our community might feel how we felt: scared… isolated… confused…overwhelmed…or maybe just a little lost and looking to navigate the craziness alongside other cool women. On that hunch, we planned a weekend of virtual Circles — our most intimate conversational gatherings for sharing and shifting one another’s perspectives, that so often help you understand you’re not alone. The Circles were powerful, and the response was overwhelming, so we planned s’more.

We decided to offer these programs to anyone seeking support and connection through these yet uncharted waters. It was our way of giving back for all we had received during tough times.

One month later, by April 21, we had offered 64 expert-led sessions online. We raised $5K from the community and distributed it all to women who needed an extra cushion of support during these unexpected and trying times. And, we were able to reconnect with so many of you, as new faces joined us and this movement expanded into another new shape.

By June 21, we had offered another 93 sessions, covering topics from…

It’s been a WILD ride so far this year, and one of the richest learning experiences for all of us since Campowerment was founded in 2013.

What we’ve learned in quarantine, you’ve taught us: Together is the best way through.

Now, four months in, nearly 2,000 women have joined us for 170 live, interactive programs, led by more than 60 experts – we’ve shared some pretty awesome experiences together and created new safe spaces for our growing community at a time when everyone seems to be seeking sanctuary.

And we’ve only just begun.

The Next New Beginning…

FAM: it’s with huge excitement that we’re announcing that VERY SOON we’re taking our next “big girl steps” and premiering our digital membership experience exclusively for women* to connect, learn and grow, as we each & all take a quantum leap forward.

Here’s a sneak peEk of what’s behind the door when we open:

And more to come…

TODAY begins the countdown to your own re-invention! Because NOW is the time to start to propel your new life forward.

Interested in learning more? If you’re new here & not already receiving emails from Campowerment, SIGN UP to receive emails at the bottom of this page. If you’re already subscribed, fab: keep reading our notes for the latest…and send a friend (or 10), wouldya?

And hey: currently in dev: cool opportunities for past campers + Rangers to step into leadership and welcome new members into this community we all call home. Have you been to a Campowerment retreat & want to be a part of that leadership? 

Sign up to receive info about becoming a Campbassador, here!

As for in-person retreats?

The state of COVID has pushed us to postpone this year’s Fancy Camp to 2021. Click for details; we’re set for next June!

November 2020’s camp retreat is still very much ON, with 90 campers already registered to be there!  We do have some spots left, yes (and a COVID policy in place).  We will be monitoring the pandemic conditions closely and keeping you posted.

To our corporate and non-profit clients: we are honored to continue building meaningful experiences for your people, by your sides.

@ Everyone in this movement with us: Keep abreast of all things Campowerment via our emails, and if, like you, your friends value transformation in great company, invite them to meet you inside Campowerment’s gates, by signing up for emails, here (at!

As always, thanks for being ours, and letting us be yours.

From the campfire & beyond!!
Tammi and Chelsea

*A note to all in the community…“women” invites any whose experience is womanhood, by biology or identity, to join our party. If “womxn” makes you feel more at home, know that we mean you, too!

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