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This Mother’s Day Week, Return to The Source

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ May 1 ∙ 4 Min Read

The world is divided, it’s true. As a global people, we’re fractured, and we’re diverse, full of flavors that don’t always mix well with others. We have so much uniqueness that it can be hard to see where what we’re made of overlaps…where it unites at the source.

Leading in to this Mother’s Day week, won’t you indulge us in going there? To the source, we mean. The universal feminine one. The inner wisdom we’re born from…and with. All of us. 

What’s the one thing every one of us has in common? We all started off hosted by a mother. 

And that mother came from a mother who came from a mother, so, whether you feel fated and blessed to have “ended up” with your mama as your mama or you feel like you got gypped, consider this: your soul picked hers, whoever she is and wherever she may be.

You didn’t end up with the female lineage from which you came, you started there.

Where you’re from and what you’re made of is part of you, ya? It sets you on your journey to find meaning, order and connection, in this lifetime, in your way. And part of your natural way, the way you were wired, has intuition…a voice that sounds like you, there to guide you step by step. It has compassion. It provides nurturing — to someone or something, in some way. It contributes to community…and it knows how to feel when you belong.

That, my friends, is the divine feminine wisdom within each of us (yes, men, too). If you were born from a mother at source (hint: you were), this is part of you.

So what if this Mother’s Day we go deeper — to say “love you” to our moms and aunts and grandmas, and to the “mothers” in our lives who act as miracle workers in acts big and small each day, and also to say “I see you. I feel you. I am you” to the moms of our great-grandmas; to the great-grandmas of their great-grandmas. To the many many many many generations of wisdom that gets poured from one vessel to the next in our lineage to help us feel our way through life. 

For us, this first Mother’s Day without the matriarch we hailed — our Grandy — we remember that before her, there was Mimi — her mommy — and before her, Grandma Becky — and before her and before her and before her were women we may not recall by name but who are most certainly a part of us…who may even sound exactly like our own inner voices. Who are part of our decisions, our commitments, how we show up in this life as US, uniquely and as a generational compilation and evolution.

In the week ahead, we dare you to honor that which is within you: the divine feminine wisdom that’s so sacredly a part of what has come before and what will remain, long after, through everyone you touch in this life.

But first: realize that it’s ever-evolving…and deep AF…so first: in this week ahead, PLAY, discover, explore, connect…bring your thoughts, bring your musings, bring your wisdom, bring yourselves, exactly as you are. 

The schedule is meant to be both your roadmap and the treasure to which it leads. There’s something for everyone. And yes: the week certainly has a through-line for Mother’s Day…culminating in a Mother’s Day Mini Camp!! (Honor a mother figure here!)…AND, additionally special, this week is brought to you by a girl gang of inspiring brands, like:

Soto Boutique
One Tough Bitch
West Coast Women’s Reproductive Center, and
Style Union Home
Check them out. They’re female-founded by badass teams that wholeheartedly care about who they impact, and this coming week, they hope to impact you & yours.

With that, we hope you’ll honor all that’s inside you and inside this incredible community that’s for you by showing up and growing, now through Sunday (and beyond of course), together.

And if you’re so inclined, share your thoughts about all this. Join the conversation on Facebook, here. We’d love to hear from you.

From the campfire & beyond,
Chelsea, not yet a mother, but a very proud daughter, sister, niece and appreciator of the mamas who have held and continue to hold us all

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