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Meet The
Campowerment Experts
Get to know the authors, doctors, coaches, psychologists, and all-around pioneers who are blazing trails at Campowerment experiences for women and business (men, too!).
“Let the choices you make today be the choices you can live with tomorrow.”

Aaron Cooksey

Motivational Speaker
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“Instead of ‘I have to,’ try ‘I get to.’ Using the right words can radically transform your life and business.”

Alicia Dunams

Author, Business Coach + Author Trainer
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“Om bolo Sat Guru Bhagvan ki…Jai! 'Bowing down to the greatest teacher, inside of your own heart…victory to that!”

Alyson Khan

Yogi Trailblazer
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“I mastered the universal laws of success and created a repeatable methodology that I call the 'Manifestation Matrix,' and now I teach that to people so that they can have an unstoppable life...”

Amira Alvarez

Business Coach; Founder, The Unstoppable Woman
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“Do not waste your time trying to make not your people your people.”

Andrea Quinn

Empowerment Coach
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“I believe everyone has some magic to them.”

Anna Toonk

Modern Mystic/Intuitive Reader
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“You can’t have a thought about the present moment, you can only have an experience of it.”

Anne Sussman

Meditation Instructor + Mindfulness@Work Trainer
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“Protecting Nature's Protectors.”

APEX Protection Project

Wildlife Advocates
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“Let this be your mantra: For now. Everything is subject to change. Go with the change rather than fighting it.”

Barbara Palmer

Top Broad, Broad Perspective Consulting
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“Maybe you don't need a better idea. Maybe you need to sell them better.”

Bob Wiesner

Founder, Wiesner Consulting Group
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“When a group of people gather, all looking for answers outside, they seem to reflect back the answers they see.”

Caitlin Peterson

LCSW, Certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and Certified Warrior Goddess
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“Everyone - even my dog, who's training to be a therapy dog - needs a growth plan.”

Chia Chia Sun

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“True innovation is a process that starts with finding unlikely partnerships that are not native to your own domain.”

Chris Denson

Host, Innovative Crush (Podcast)
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“What if what's standing in your way of having the most epic, inspired life and career is not what you think?”

Chrisa Z. Boyce

Executive Coach
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“Meet you where you are. See you on the mat!”

Cindy Pearlman

Yoga Instructor
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“I won the lottery when I was seven years old. I saw the numbers in my sleep.”

Colleen McCann

Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner
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“I think of myself as a happy drill sergeant. No quitting allowed on my watch.”

Courtney L. Alexander

Trainer + Fitness Instructor
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“Becoming your own chief medical officer is a huge part of self-care. Patient wisdom is essential for optimum health.”

Cynthia Ambres

Medical Doctor, Acupuncturist
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“Self-love is about acceptance and seeing yourself as the gift you are.”

Dana Perri

Celebrity Trainer
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“Healthy cooking mushroomed into healthy living. I encourage people to make that connection: how you eat is how you live.”

Dana Slatkin

Chef + Author
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“Real-life, honest communication got kicked to the curb when our voices got pared down to 140 characters.”

David Swanson, Ph.D.

Doctor, Clinical Psychologist
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“Don't wait for plans to be polished or perfect. Take sloppy, rapid action. Let your trusted advisors contribute to you.”

Dawn Andrews

Business + Life Strategist
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“Give to the food and the food gives back.”

Debra Borden

The Sous Therapist
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“Self-mastery with yoga, breath + meditation helps you feel like and become a better person today than you were yesterday.”

Debra Heslin

Wellness Coach
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“When you can find power in your pain, you can change your own mind about the abundance you deserve. ”

Denna Babul

Founder, Fatherless Daughter Movement
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“A family culture of giving is not about money donated, but simple acts of charity + thoughtfulness instituted together.”

Diana Polack

Creative Facilitator
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“Turn off your music + TV; listen to yourself and your environment. The space between the sound can be the most powerful.”

El Larson

Sound Practitioner
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“Learn to take the heat, and welcome to my kitchen!”

Eliana Wittels Goldman

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“Our beliefs about money make as big an impact on our prosperity as what we actually do for a living.”

Ellen Rogin

CPA + Abundance Activist
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“It’s time for patients (the silent majority) to have a voice in healthcare...a loud, strong and system-changing voice.”

Erika Schwartz, M.D.

Internist + Medical Pioneer
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“I believe that our work here is to return to authentic, unconditional love.”

Erin Ward

Yoga Instructor
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“Knowing what turns you on is your responsibility and no one else's. Luckily, the journey to self-discovery is a blast!”

Freda Hobbs

Life Coach; Sexpert
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Fulcrum Adventures

Leadership Facilitators
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“When you can fully understand your choices, and not be afraid to get out of your comfort zone, the journey to wherever you’re going is going to make you a happier and a more focused human. ”

George Ho

Assistant VP, Consumer Banking + Wealth Management, J.P. Morgan
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“Start with a puja, a sacred space, where you practice reverence to whatever it is you care about in this time. ”

Heather Berg

E-RYT Yogi
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“I feel like it's my duty at this phase in my career, to express who I am and have people bake without intimidation.”

Hedy Goldsmith

Pastry Chef
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“Where you point your eyes is actually less important than where you point your belly button.”

Janine Driver

International Communications Expert
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“It's not WHAT you want to be when you grow up; it's WHO.”

Jeff Hittner

Co-Founder, Project X
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“It's not about being the boss. Inside-out leadership is creating the vision, inspiration, and support needed for success. ”

Jennifer Davis

Leadership Coach
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“No matter where we are—in our careers, relationships or level of activism — we are all a work in progress.”

Jessica Abo

Author, Keynote Speaker, Journalist
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“‘Parent:’ it’s a verb, use it frequently.”

JJ Levenstein, M.D., FAAP

Pediatrician + Chef
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“My wish for every person in the world is that they could feel what it’s like to be Grandy at Campowerment for a day!”

Joan “Grandy” Leader

Good Will Ambassador
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“There is nothing more important to true growth than realizing that you are separate from the voice of your Inner Critic”

Joanna Kleinman, LCSW

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“When we treat Millennial's like our babies, we breed babies and have to deal with them.”

Jody Kussin, Ph.D.

PD.D/Clinical Psychologist
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“Empaths represent a new model for leadership by being vulnerable and strong.”

Judith Orloff, M.D.

Psychiatrist, Author, Empath
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“Keep releasing what's not yours.”

Kathy Fitzgerald

Energy Intuitive
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“Everyone has a right to protect themselves. I'm on a mission to help teach how.”

Kelsey De Santis

Fitness Expert
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“Your heart's job is to be the chicken. Slay the chicken. Be real with me.”

Kimberly Cabot

Life Coach, Handel Group
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“Bringing awareness to your breath can change your whole experience of life.”

Krista Rauschenberg

Advanced Akashic Reader; Breathwork Facilitator
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“Make the most of your time working on your business - not in it.”

Laura Gisborne

Business Coach
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“By moving with intelligence, creativity, and joy - we move better.”

Lauren Padula

Yoga + Fitness Insctructor
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“When people try to take advantage of you, protect yourself. Building rapport and detecting deception will do just that.”

Lena Sisco

Body Language Analyst
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“An astrology chart is like a car owner's manual. It tells not what the car will do, but how it is configured.”

Leslie McGuirk

Astrologer; Human Designer
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“Yoga is my saving grace, my outlet, but more importantly - my inlet - it enhances everything for me.”

Lindsey Valdez

Yoga and Meditation Instructor
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“Use all your senses. Lend your ear to your own intuition. Watch your world expand.”

Lisa Catherine

Tarot Card + Intuitive Reader
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“Even when you're taking care of the parent, remember that YOU don't have to become the parent.”

Lois Nachamie

Psychotherapist + Parenting Expert
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“Stop listening to your ' NO voice.' Say yes! Do the new!”

Lu Ann Cahn

Author + Survivor
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“It's time we recognize prevention of cancer will be our most effective cure.”

Maggie DiNome, M.D.

Chief of General Surgery at Saint John's Hospital
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“I'm here to share two fundamental truths: 1. You are not alone and 2. You are enough.”

Maria Loida

Yoga and Meditation Teacher
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“Notice inspiration everywhere, and accept that everything you create can be art to someone.”

Marina Drasnin

Artist + Creative Facilitator
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“THE truth is where two people's truths intersect. You can't make another person's experience wrong.”

Marnie Nir

Life + Love Coach, Handel Group
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“Know this: your kids, no matter how many epic meltdowns you have, are going to love you!”

Mary Ann Zoellner

Sh*tty Mom
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“It's not about what's on your table, it's about who's sitting at it.”

Melissa d’Arabian

Celebrity Chef
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“Change the story, and pursue the truth relentlessly, always.”

Mercedes Soler

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“44% of adults say their sleep has gotten worse over the past 5 years. Let me tell you why.”

Michael Breus, Ph.D.

Doctor, Sleep Specialist
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“Walking is not for wimps!”

Michele Stanten

Walking Coach + Journalist
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“When I took my passion for astrology off the sidelines, the game I actually wanted to play began.”

Mimi Truong

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“Motivating others to be their best selves through exercise brings me crazy joy.”

Mychal Ertel

Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer
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“For anyone diagnosed with cancer, experience the emotions, learn lessons, then move on. Don't buy real estate on that land!”

Patricia San Pedro

Survivor + Community Leader
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“Go outside.. lay in the dirt or the grass or the sand.. and let mama earth remind you of the truth of your being.”

Peggy Fitzsimmons

Soul + Spirit Connector, Ph. D.
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“There's no one way to work out, so why not try them all?!”

Penny Sorensen

Group Fitness Instructor
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“The future of our cities depends on our youth.”

Peter Gold, M.D.

Surgeon; Founder, Strong City
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“Eat real food!”

Rachel Brown & Sarah Jacobs

Holistic Nutritional Counselors
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“Cutting toxic people out of your life might be the single most important health intervention you undertake. ”

Ramani Durvasula, Ph.D.

Relationship Expert
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“At the most traumatic of times of life (death/divorce), you must think the most clearly. It's critical you have a support team.”

Rebecca Zung

Author, Attorney, Speaker
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“Would you expect a child to grow without nurturing? It won't happen with your money either.”

Regina Bedoya

Financial Advisor
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“Dancing freely is an act of courage.”

Robin Parrish & Ariana Bates

Ecstatic Dance LA
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“Corporate courage is rarely a solo journey. Rather, it’s a team sport. Make it a 'we' thing, not a 'me' thing.”

Ryan Berman

Founder, COURAGE Brands
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“Don't be aggressive. Aim for assertive. The more you have proof of your value, the less you have to pound the table.”

Sara Zervos

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“When we share our gifts with you, you share those gifts with the collective.”

Sarah Shivarani

Music Producer, DJ, Technoshaman
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“The more relaxed you are, the more flexible you become. Learn to bend so that you don't break.”

Sarah Vaynerman

Yoga Instructor, Corporate Wellness Entrepreneur
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“You are never the same person twice, every single day you shed an old part of yourself that is no longer needed, in an attempt to be better.”

Savon Bartley

Poet, Writer, Educator
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“Your body speaks its truth to you, and once you can access what it’s saying, you can use that intelligence to transform your life”

Scott Picard

Embodiment and Relationship Expert
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“Sweat. Dance. Be excited about waking up every day.”

Selena Watkins

Dancer, Fitness Instructor
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“What you give power to ultimately has power over you.”

Shelly Fisher

Founder, One Tough Bitch
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“If you make people happy, proud, and inspired in who they are and how they show up in every area of their lives, they will produce better, bigger results. Happy people equal happy results, period.”

Shir Nir

Partner + CEO, Handel Group; Executive Coach
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“Mixing business and medicine can get very tricky, and I want to make sure that women are always informed.”

Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz, M.D.

OB/GYN ("Zen Gyno")
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“Grief can translate to wisdom and awareness. It doesn't have to define the life that succeeds it.”

Suzanne Wachtel, LCSW

LCSW + Grief Therapist
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“You can't plan an inspired life. You have to follow the breadcrumbs moment by moment.”

Tama Kieves

Career Transition Coach
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“I left my TV career with two Emmys and a dream: to build communities of happy, empowered people ready to propel themselves forward.”

Tammi Leader Fuller

Founder, Campowerment
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“Sound changes everything.”

Tasha Blank

DJ, Coach + Movement Catalyst
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“Pay attention to ALL the moments in your life regardless of what your brain tells you and squeeze the juice out of each one!”

Ted McDonald

Yoga Instructor, 5 Point Yoga
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“On the mat is one of my favorite places in the whole world.”

Tobi Acklen

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“A positive perspective and dedication to embracing the journey more than the destination is paramount to achieving fulfillment.”

Tyreek Moore

Life Coach, Handel Group Life Coaching
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“Enough is enough: get control of your stuff!”

Wendy Ellin

Productivity Consultant
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“There's nothing that a good laugh, some beach time, and Stevie Wonder can't fix. Let's move through it.”

Zoë Welch

Fitness Instructor
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Way-Fun Fact #22
At camp experiences for women we have an impt. RULE: no saying what you do for a living for the first 24hrs.