“I left my TV career with two Emmys and a dream: to build communities of happy, empowered people ready to propel themselves forward.”

In 2013, after three decades as an award-winning Television Producer, Tammi Leader took a huge leap of faith, stepping out of the TV Studio and back into nature to create Campowerment, the purveyor of live and transformative, expert-led experiences, powered by play! 

After moving from her hometown of Miami to Los Angeles to develop a health & wellness show for Telepictures (Warner Brothers) designed to help people live life bigger and better, with help from game-changing experts in every area of growth, Tammi was at the top of her career, and yet deeply unhappy. At 53, she set out to find that “happy place” within herself, so she went back to her roots…to the place of her happiest childhood memories: summer camp.

In partnership with her College Professor mother (Grandy) and Brand Strategist oldest daughter (Chelsea), and the support of her entire family, Tammi created a new concept, live and off-air: a sleepaway-camp-inspired experience where grown-up women (like her) could re-ignite their lives.

Enter: Campowerment, where Tammi invited in the power players who had impressed and inspired her during her many years at The TODAY Show, NBC News, CBS News, America’s Most Wanted, and EXTRA TV. 

From the very beginning, Campowerment was meant to be a a reimagined place of joy, where women could flock to (re)find their purpose and their people. Where sweatpants could be the great equalizer, and where women who are overwhelmed by life’s ups and downs could see they’re not alone (and actually, they’re in great company!).

Why camp, this way? Because camp friends are the best friends of all, and camp + experts = clarity, on so many levels.

This new passion project, which became a business in 2013 when O Magazine named it one of the 50 things that made Oprah say, “Wow,” was the culmination of Tammi’s highest skills and most beloved concepts.

From the beginning, Campowerment has been hailed as the place where women go to celebrate sisterhood, find community, and start living the life they’ve been dreaming about…right now. This unique and fun-loving approach to transformation has been featured in Forbes, Fortune, and Parade Magazines, the TODAY Show, CNN, The Hollywood Reporter, The LA Times, Miami Herald, Reader’s Digest and lots s’more.

Since 2015, Campowerment has been customizing its tried-and-true approach to programming for businesses and organizations seeking to connect and empower their people, too. In fact, Campowerment has worked with clients (not just women!), like lululemon, Nestle USA, Snap Inc, government agencies, non-profits, professional associations, fashion brands and advertising agencies.

In so many ways Tammi couldn’t see at the time, this journey has been the natural progression of where her life was headed for a long time. Way back in 2005, “Tammi from Miami” embarked on this mission help propel others forward when she collaborated with five accomplished South Florida business women — known as the “Miami Bombshells” — on a book, “Dish and Tell” (Harper Collins), a memoir of honest, real-life anecdotes to help women understand that they are not alone in their struggle to juggle all that life throws their way.

Through all of it, Tammi’s strongest muscle? Resilience. A single mom of two, her life has crashed and burned more than once, but Tammi has always found a way to rise. In person and online, for Campowerment and for other organizations that invite her to catalyze growth for their members or employees, Tammi leads sessions on building that resilience muscle, on purpose, on journaling and on connection (via fun & games!). 

She’s currently working on a book about resilience and the power of kindred connection. We think her story has only just begun…