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#GivingTuesday: Give Her Camp x Operation $2,291

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Nov 19 ∙ 4 Min Read

Since the last #GivingTuesday 2019, you YOU, our *amazing* community, donated upwards of $30K for Nov 2021 scholarships via Give Her Camp — our sister 501c3 that offers retreat scholarships to incredible women who live + breathe our highest values and flex resilience all year.

Dollar for dollar, your contributions sent 17 women (64% women of color) to re-ignite their lives last weekend in Ojai, and damn: will the impact of that be exponential!!

Invest in women’s growth & transformation

(It’s the ripple effect of community empowering community that really gets us. Thank you for making waves happen.)

To all who donated and all who nominated, it’s important you know that Nov 2019-Nov 2021…

Your contributions honored A WOMAN (x 17) who:

// Finished an entire bachelor’s degree in 4.5 years while working full-time and opposite shifts as their husband, while raising a toddler, having a baby, buying and renovating a new house, being a troop leader to a brand new Daisy Girl Scout troop and picking up the pieces of a family crisis.

// Is “a fierce advocate for the underdog. She believes in angels and crystals and meditation. She is a single mother of four children who somehow finds time to work out, even though I often encourage her to nap instead. She is always searching.”

// Is the oldest of five girls, who nominated her momma (they came to camp together!). She is dedicated to providing all of her sisters the knowledge that she learned at Campowerment.

// Lost a son in 2020, and is stepping into a next new beginning with his memory and spirit at her heels.

// Is the middle child of five girls and has been integral to the care, support, and prosperity of nearly all of her family members, raising nieces and nephews as though they are her children, and caring for an aging mother.

// Is explained by a friend as, “one of the only people in this world that you can trust to call at 3 a.m. crying and broken. She will not only pick up the phone but she will get in her car and drive to your location, cry with you, pray you through the night!”

// Is stepping into a time in her life that she can finally dedicate to her personal growth, after putting her family’s needs ahead of her own for so long.

And the Classic Camp they got to learn, connect and grow within had them like:

We’re humbled by your generosity — more than 100 of you from last Classic Camp to this one!

To note (Yell! Scream! Dance about!): November 2021 campers just raised $7,709 towards 2022 scholarships!!!

And, this just in:

a few powerhouse philanthropists on our Board of Directors for Give Her Camp and Campowerment pledged to MATCH contributions up to $10K, raised before giving tuesday (11/30/21)!!

So now, it’s our turn to carry it home!

Want to join us in unlocking another 12 scholarships that will send local heroes, bold + brave mothers, resilient neighbors, trajectory-changing teachers and other inspiring folx to Campowerment Classic Camps on both Coasts next year?!??!

Operation: $2,291: Commence!

Empowered women empower women, so LET’S FREAKING GOOOOOO!

Donate whatever you’re able and moved to contribute HERE, now through 11/30 (and always, but #Goals, you know?!).

2022 Nominations + Applications to open in January 2022. Be sure you’re signed up for Campowerment emails and following along on Facebook and Instagram, to be among the first to know when they’re open. (Scroll to footer to sign up for bunk notes, if you’re not already on our list!)

Forever thankful, from the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

S’more About Give Her Camp
Campowerment’s 501(c)(3) partner Give Her Camp, Inc. (FEIN: 81-1407528) provides scholarships to extraordinary women to re-ignite their lives at Campowerment’s camp experiences.

Funded by members of the Campowerment community and brand partners — with all overhead donated by the Campowerment Crew — Give Her Camp is a labor of love that’s bridged an opportunity gap for more than 60 re-ignited women since 2016.


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