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The Best Gift – What, Why, How

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ May 1 ∙ 4 Min Read

It’s not hard to guess that the you reading this, probably doesn’t ask for what she needs enough. But people have quite an easy time asking things of you, no? And you feel valuable giving? 

Are we on the right track?

The bottom line: Allowing others to give TO you is a GIFT you are giving them.


Because the best gift you can receive is being seen at your best

And sometimes cost, or time away, is what keeps the right people from making it into this community.*

But mostly, it’s not because the cost or the time is entirely out of reach; that you can’t find a way…but because both need a little problem solving. 

So, how ‘bout you ask the people who love you most for a little support in getting that thing you so deeply long for: enough-ness, true belonging, connection with your greatest gifts and the readiness to make your impact on this world?! 

How ‘bout you ask the people who love you most to contribute to your coming to Campowerment?! 


Send the people who love you most an invitation to honor & celebrate you with a Campowerment Gift Card!

It works like this:

    • The gift GIVER visits
         — Providing their name, email, (any) amount they’d like to gift, and the receiver’s info (so we can deliver the gift!)
    • – The gift RECIPIENT (you, we hope!) is notified by email – with the gift, who sent it** and how to redeem it. 
      • — If multiple people give to this person (you!), all amounts are redeemable towards the ultimate gift: CAMP!

So, whatever the occasion, if camp does call to you – the deepest you, the inner you that knows there’s s’more in life waiting for you in your dreams – ask the people who love you to contribute towards YOU, RE-IGNITED…you, at CAMP!

We so hope you’ll help them help you 😉

From the campfire & beyond…

*That’s why we have a scholarship for those who demonstrate the most need and most potential contribution to the community
**If given anonymously, we’ll respect those wishes and deliver without disclosing the gift giver

P.S. Not so great at asking for things from others? Let us give you a hand:

This is a Mad Lib. In the brackets are prompts for blanks for you to fill before you send.

Feel free to copy and paste this (with your edits) into: the family group chat, an extremely long email chain with your best friends…maybe print it out and put it on the fridge or just send it to your oldest child to get that campaign goin’…

OK, here goes:

Dear people who love me, 

As you know, I do a lot of giving these days, to [insert people who often get to receive from you]. Because I want to, because I care and because [insert reasons here].

This year, on [insert this occasion] I am switching it up, and asking to receive!

See, I’ve been eyeing this community called Campowerment – they create incredible experiences that are expert-led and powered by PLAY, where awesome women (like me!) matter and belong. 

Anyway, I am asking you to contribute – in any amount! – to the best gift you can give me: the gift of the experience that will allow me to be seen (by others…and by me) at my best…via a Campowerment gift card!

I’d use the gift towards getting me to a Campowerment retreat, where I’ll have a safe haven to get real, find connection to something bigger, gain a sense of belonging to a community of women who are here for each other, find authentic friendships with 100+ women from all walks of life, insight from a dozen experts, participate in campy activities and s’more! I’ll also get to [insert what you’re most excited to experience and what you need]

And I’d use that experience to show up better – for me, for you and for the impact I’m meant to make in this life!

I really appreciate you contributing to something that feels so important to me.

With love,
[insert your name]

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