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Introducing: Monthly Milestone Circles

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Feb 23 ∙ 3 Min Read

Behind the scenes of Campowerment are some very happy campers who find great thrill in making YOU feel some stuff that stretches you outside your perceived limits…that motivates you to go even just a little bit further towards where you want to be…that brings you closer to really getting that wherever you are is better because you’re there.

Behind those same scenes — the curtain of camp’s auditorium, if you will — we’ve parked ourselves in a proverbial circle and, each week talk through questions like:

  • “What (TF) seems to be going on in the world, and what might that mean for our people?”
  • “What new vantage points can we travel to together? What new highs will that climb make available to us? What new lows will it expose?”
  • “How might we feel on that journey? Where will it leave us at the end of each step? How that feeling inspire the next step, and the next one and the next one, towards self-actualization and our highest selves?”

It might sound a little dramatic, but to us, it’s important…and we think that taking the intention seriously — paired with not taking ourselves or the delivery too seriously — we’ve got a good thing going on. (From your love notes since we launched in 2013, it seems you agree!)

For those who’ve never participated in a Campowerment experience (IRL or online), picture yourself entering an experience that’s not just live, it’s alive — produced to have you learn, connect and grow; to be sure you’re seen, you matter and you belong.

We believe that kind of experience would be beautiful so long as womxn show up to it, but that is holds the possibility of being totally transformative when curated thoughtfully and powered by play. To us, that’s how and why Campowerment experiences feel different than other events or gatherings.

And the feelings this community brews up together are what makes Campowerment so dynamic, too. Because every session sparks an idea for how we can go about another session.

So, in our path upwards, we’re introducing a new layer to our digital experience…to yours.

Introducing the Monthly Milestone Circle…

…designed to build into your routine a recurring excuse to realize the journey you’re on, and how freaking awesome you’re doing on it!

On the first Monday of every month — at 8:30pm EST/5:30pm PST, we’ll gather to reflect and take inventory, then say, “ya, girl!” to ourselves, in honor of where we’ve been over the last 4 weeks and where we’re heading in the next.

Consider these your monthly check-ins, with yourself and your community — the women in your corner.

If you’re a member of, sign up for the two on the calendar now (since the cal always shows 6 weeks ahead!) and save the dates for the first Monday of each month – same time 😉

If you’re not yet a member, what are you waiting for?! We’d love to see you in here…so much so that we’re offering you 2 weeks free to try it on for size. It’s one size fits all who believe in the magic of sisterhood. Get started here.

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