“I left my TV career with two Emmys and a dream: to build communities of happy, empowered people ready to propel themselves forward.”

After more than 30 years as an award-winning Television Producer, she took a leap of faith to re-create her childhood happy place, summer camp. Only this time, it’s studded with experts, and produced for grown-ups, with a game-changing program that’s helping people get real, to connect and, ultimately, re-ignite their lives and organizational cultures.

This journey to help propel others forward began in 2005, when Tammi partnered with five accomplished South Florida business women — known as the “Miami Bombshells” — to co-author “Dish and Tell” (Harper Collins), a book of anecdotes to help women understand they are not alone in their struggle to juggle all that life throws their way. Of course unbeknownst to Tammi at the time, all roads led to Campowerment, and when the time was right to shift gears, she jumped.

After three decades as a Journalist for The TODAY Show, NBC News, CBS News, America’s Most Wanted, and EXTRA TV, Tammi dipped into her rolodex and put her pedal to the metal. Blending her love for storytelling with inspirational programming from the game-changing thought leaders she had collected, Tammi built Campowerment’s transformational program by dreaming big and collaborating with 100+ leaders across many platforms, like relationships, health, wellness, productivity parenting, success and stress management, body language, productivity, and life + business coaching. Wrapping the expert-led curriculum in PLAY, she took over some kids’ summer camps in the off season, and in 2013, Campowerment was born.

Dozens of camp-inspired experiences and thousands of happy campers later, Tammi’s the ultimate camp director and a natural born Leader. (Literally.)

Because of her passion for and experience with building like-minded communities, through exploration, competition and celebration, Tammi has taken her storytelling and her novel idea to the corporate world and to the stage. Her fun and interactive presentation will inspire your audience to rise and connect with your mission, and each other, in a most unusual way.