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Reflecting on Reflection: This Camp’s Theme (and Why)

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 âˆ™ Aug 27 âˆ™ 4 Min Read

I’m popping in with a very me update, which is, well: first: I’m like eelijgkjgklfjgfdlkgjlfd đŸ€Żâ€ïžâ€đŸ”„ (<< not a typo; the actual best I could do to encapsulate my excitement) because CAMP IS ONE MONTH FROM TODAY.

I was so excited, in fact, that I had to schedule this email because I’m away right now, but couldn’t leave without knowing you would know about the absolutely bursting joy we have when we think about being in our Campowerment bubble, hugged in by the tall trees, sound reverberating off the lake, no outside noise, no day-to-day distractions, just us in CELEBRATION and growth and electric connection…and DISCO đŸȘ©Â 

Did she just say “disco?” She sure did.

Which brings me to #2:

At the end of 2022, we (Meryl Russo, mostly – here on email, in live community programming on and everywhere) invited us all to choose our WORD for the YEAR.

The word we chose, and the one we’ve been living into was/is: REFLECTION.

You see, this year we’re celebrating 10 years of Campowerment and honoring all that comes with that…because it may look like 10 years of business on the outside, but from within, it feels like 10 full years of our family opening up our world to hundreds, then thousands, of people who continue to enrich each other’s lives…and definitely our lives…at a rate and scale that’s so much faster and bigger than we could have ever imagined.

Reflecting on our decade of Campowerment, it looks like light shining out from a spark inside my mom (Campowerment’s founder: Tammi) and reflecting onto my Grandy, who was — in the warmth of that light — moved to create something special by Tam’s side. This special something quickly became Campowerment. It looks like Grandy (being the magnificent being she was) calling each and every camper who signed up for a retreat, first to welcome them, and then again because she was inspired to know more of their story. In her light, so many of those women, as they have shared, felt really seen and knew they belonged here.

The IMPACT of women coming to Campowerment to PLAY and GROW and CONNECT and BE…and how finding their light and reflecting it has the power to change their experience of themselves and their time on Earth: that’s we have been reflecting on.

đŸȘ©Â Tammi’s reflection inspired Grandy;
đŸȘ©Â Grandy’s reflection inspired lots of women;
đŸȘ© Those women came to camp and danced whatever awesome, purpose-driven dance found them on camp’s dance floor;
đŸȘ© And the light they each left camp to shine has reflected into the world, and onto thousands of others.

We think that is so cool: that light can travel that way. Like that of a disco ball…

That’s why we decided to dedicate this upcoming camp‘s narrative to Reflection: The Light We Shine. đŸȘ©

Yes: this camp’s got disco vibes, baby. So, first: be there. Then, Bring your best ’70s threads, and stay ready for the groovy moments we have in store, just for this year’s retreat.

If you’re not already signed up, step into the glow of a radiant program (schedule HERE) and find your light in the dynamic brightness of the community of really freaking awesome women who’ll be boogie-ing by your side.
I can’t really say more without my heart bursting all over this email….except: you should probably be there.

This one’s going to be wild. đŸ•ș I feel it. 

Sign up for camp before Sept 15

And hey: Keep that countdown going, please! We’re T minus 1 month ’til the best weekend of the year!

From the campïŹre & beyond…

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