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Top 10 of 2022

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Dec 27 ∙ 5 Min Read

It’s funny – we lead and participate in a ritual Milestone Circle every single month with a group that’s found its way together (and new friends each time) to celebrate the wins – big and small – so that we get the better of time, and not vice versa…

And yet at the end of a year, without notes, we’re still challenged to pinpoint our pride points as we look back at a full calendar, which — while managed pretty majorly — doesn’t begin to show the most important way we spent our time: building relationships that matter to our core.

That run-on sentence is to say: wowHow much a year can hold!

We’re happy (and très thankful) to report that 2022 was good to us, most notably from the inside. We came out of a pandemic with new pathways to connect (via year-round community that gathers online) and with the volume turned way up on our custom retreats for clients across sectors. So we had to (nope: we got to) reinforce and build newly upon our foundation.

It was a little wild, and way-defining. We grew in some areas, we learned something new just about every day (and some days lots of new somethings), we felt stuck sometimes, we had to have hard conversations and take deep looks into parts of our business (and lives) that weren’t working, we got to grow and laugh and play, like we inspire lots of others to do, in their lives and in their work.

And best of all: we did it with you by our sides. That part is our why.

So, because this community is as much yours as ours, we’re here to help YOU put on big, clear 2023 glasses and look head-on at Campowerment’s 2022 reflections:

Here’s what Campowerment is celebrating from 2022:

🔥 Our Crew lit up with the opportunity to re-ignite the lives of 500+ people through our custom clients

Through five custom experiences for clients like lululemon, FOX Entertainment, Herb if Forward Foundation, Precision Marketing Group and s’more, we inspired people from all sorts of industries ranging from real estate, B2B marketing, athletic apparel, entertainment and a 501(3)(c) organization dedicated to supporting students where it counts.

Learn what we can do for your group, here

☄️ We were in two places at once!

This year, we called 6 blank-canvas venues our homes away from home. And in the Fall, we were at 2 at once! Yes: we led simultaneous retreats — one for a real estate networking group at a luxury guest ranch in Asheville; one for a marketing agency celebrating its 20th anniversary at a bed-and-breakfast in the Berkshires. So, for the first time ever, we divided and conquered.

🎯 we offered the 700th live, interactive members-only gathering on

This year we hit our 700th(!!!!!) session offered online, via our year round community, where incredible women gather to grow together. That milestone sesh? Well, it just so happened to be, Resilience and the Power of Miracles, hosted by Tammi Leader and Caitlin Peterson, LCSW CHT. How’s that for a message?! was started at a time when people craved interaction more than ever. What began, at the start of the global pandemic, as a necessity has transformed over 2 years into a flourishing online community.

Our current community of over 250 members joins for connection with each other through Circles, workshops, panels, activities and 1-on-1’s with experts. What’s there invites us to dismantle our shame, journal, tap into our inner child, find healing through enough-ness, learn how to breathe better, pause, generate inner gratitude, meditate, and so much s’more! 

You should join, too! Everything’s included for just $39 a month!

🏆 We saw 3x more give her camp scholarship applications than ever

And are so honored to expand to fit where the organization is going, thanks to you! More info on 2023 scholarships, coming soon…Sign up to be notified when scholarships open.

👵🏾 👼🏾 we SHARED SACRED SPACE WITH campers across a 56-year age range

Intergenerational friendships for the win!!!

🔥 we brought a “mini camp” to the fox studios lot for its female mentor program

Tried-and-true format, new group of awesome people. We headed to Los Angeles for dozens of executives to play a “Fox Hunt,” connect on new terms, snack on gourmet s’mores, and create space for colleagues to meet – some for the first time, IRL.

🫶🏾 we got to play with 7 mother/child duos

All at Classic Camp – on a journey all their own.

 💸 We watched as our client fundraised $40,000 in 8 hours at camp

While gathering at their annual retreat, Messy Middle Mastermind, an incredible networking group for high-performing and highly philanthropic real estate leaders and a repeat client we love, uses the opportunity to identify causes they care about and raise re-ignited funds!

This year, the group of ~55 fundraised to support victims of Hurricane Ian in Florida and to empower second chances for returning citizens (formerly incarcerated people) via the CONBODY Foundation, whose founder, Coss Marte, joined the retreat as an expert.

💡 IN PARTNERSHIP WITH A DOZEN incredible thought leaders, we offered 33 perspective-shifting sessions over 4 days at Classic Camp

Maaaan, being at camp with this community is the freaking BEST.

See a sample schedule, here

🍦 WE DOLED OUT 300 ice cream bars (and mochi) FOR CAMPERS TO devour at canteen

Yes: we’re counting dairy-free. Yes: we wore bowties and soda shop hats. Yes: you can get in on this when you sign up for camp in 2023!

. . . . .

Thank you for another best year.

To our members and campers: We’re exceptionally proud of the vulnerability you model with each other in this community – on and offline.

To everyone reading: Hope to see your face in a session this or next week as we come at 2023 with fiery determination to contribute our greatest gifts to the world that’s waitin’ for ’em 😉

From the campfire & beyond…

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