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We’re back!!!

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jun 17 ∙ 5 Min Read

For the past two weeks, we’ve been out of the office and in the woods — of the Pocono Mountains of PA and the Blue Ridge Mountains of NC — running back-to-back retreats for two distinct populations of inspiring humans. The first was an annual life skills & leadership camp we have the privilege of producing for the Herb It Forward Foundation (check them out here) to celebrate scholarship, mentorship and community with the students and graduates the org supports all year. The second retreat? Our first-ever Fancy Camp for women to pamper their purpose.

I have so much to share from those two weekends of pure joy, unadulterated growth and electric connection, but it’s like the words keep melting away when I think of the gigantic spirit of these two long-awaited retreats.

You see, I’m inclined to say that Campowerment is back in business but the craziest thing is we have found a way for that to be true all year, and that realization is enough to nearly bring me to my knees.

So, yes – we are and have been in business but also we are back to our core — retreats* — the experiences that give Campowerment’s body a heartbeat. Once again, we could rise as the women in our community re-emerged after an incredibly tumultuous year (and change), and I have to tell you: being dropped back into the land of Campowerment retreats makes me feel more alive than I can even remember feeling.

What we create — in soulful partnership with the special people who show up for it — is total magic. It’s intentional, strategic, thoughtful, careful, detailed, produced to the nines…but then it’s divine, it’s fated, it’s bigger than any of the plans we make for it.

Inspired by the languaging of my crazy-talented friend and CP expert Tasha Blank (who was at Fancy Camp with us last weekend), Campowerment retreats are medicine.

They are the capsule for the collective wisdom of the souls of women who are drawn to grow in community. They invite kindred connection. They breed invention. They bust the myths that we allow to limit our hugeness. They allow for a rewrite, no matter how complicated it may be. 

They provide safety; they grant permission; they unearth stuckness and offer multiple modalities to help us move through that and on to what awaits us at a higher frequency. They offer perspective; they take our hair down for us so we can choose to let our manes be wild and free; they inspire real conversations that have the power to change our individual worlds (and maybe even the one world we share!).

Campowerment retreats are so natural that they feel supernatural.

I am so honored to get to bring them to life with my momma and the family that we have chosen, the one that’s chosen us (that’s YOU). I am so excited they are back — we are back. And I swear, for all that felt so much worse, I think we are better than we have ever been.

To our campers and experts (on and offline!) who trust us as a source for transformative learning, connection and growth: more thanks than words allow. It’s a high honor to stand in community with you.

For some that means, keeping connected via emails or social. For others, membership and online engagement for a month (or deeper: for many months or the whole year!). For the rest, making Campowerment retreats your home away from home.

No matter how you play here, thank you for playing. If you are thinking about taking a step, skip…a hop…a leap…in a deeper direction, we have good news:


Read all about it & sign up NOW!

While bunk spaces last 😉 (And also while private rooms last, because yes: we do have those available as a plus-up)

  • // Members of you’ll have the only deal there is. Check your email to snag it!!!
  • // Work for a company that may sponsor your ride? Use this to make your case! 
  • // Want to bring a group of 10 or more for a reunion, a birthday, a company culture perk or otherwise? Let’s work together on getting you a full bunk and doing something extra special. Email us at with what you’re thinking.
  • // Want to be there but don’t have access to the means this year? Read about the scholarships our community funds via Give Her Camp, HERE

Have questions? Email

We are hungry to grow with you, within the proverbial gates of this community where dreams take off and self-love blooms. If that calls, find a way to pick up. You have my sincere word that you’ll be proud you did.

P.S. Fancy Camp is totally coming back in 2022, and we’re fast-moving on details. SIGN UP TO FIND OUT WHEN FANCY CAMP RETURNS!

*Must be vaccinated to attend (at least until further notice)

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