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“What am I doing with my life?” And other questions surfacing on the week of my 64th birthday

by Tammi Leader
 ∙ Aug 22 ∙ 4 Min Read

This week (on Friday), I turn sixty four years old, from the road on what my kids are calling my “new nomadic life!”

After spending the last couple of years helping my sister care for my parents in their South Florida home, I now get to decide what and where my next steps should take me. I’m doing what my mom used to advise we all do, “twenty minutes at a time:” enjoying the ride.

I guess I’ve always been a nomad, given the places I have felt most “at home” were experiences, like summer camp, that made me feel most ME by keeping me at the edge of my comfort zone. (Have you heard? That’s my thing!)

Today, I write to you from New York state, where I have my feet in the sand, working remotely “alongside” Chelsea, my business partner and my daughter. Together, we are taking one of our final laps around the nearly-complete (totally awesome) schedule for our upcoming Classic Camp, next month, in the Poconos!! Wanna that almost-final camp schedule? Check it out HERE.

I’ll admit: even though I love what we do, and where I am right now, I woke up this morning thinking,

“What am I doing with my life?”

It kind of threw me off. But then, I kept listening, only to notice a more confident voice inside me answer with a declaration:

“I’m here, doing this, because I can be – and I choose to!!”

And I share that because I invite you into a similar inquiry:

What are you doing with your life?

(Sit with that for a moment before reading on.)

If you are not exactly sure the answer — OR if you are and you’re seeking what to do with it, then I invite you to explore your next big move, at Campowerment this September 28-October 1!

As you may know, we are 10 years into this experience (thank you for that!), and how lucky are we to get to throw the party our own souls – and maybe yours – long for…to host the retreat we believe so many women, like us, have been waiting for.

This camp’s experts are extraordinary, and I want to make sure you know what they’re bringing to the party: programs on topics like legacy, boundaries, understanding the lineage of our defining traits, the action after the hard conversations, the gap between what’s now and what’s next, spiritual health, ageless living, calling in miracles, death wellness, meditation, and s’more! Plus a heels class, daily movement, Wisdom Walks, a relay, an epic camp disco musical (oh, just you wait!), boating on a private lake where the leaves dance as the wind blows…and and and…

But WAIT! There are TWO MORE EXPERTS I get to announce today!!!

One of them is ME!
I am introducing a new session at camp called “Bouncing Back // Failing Up,” and it’s built around witnessing, naming, celebrating and growing your resilience muscle. It’s a game (I can’t help myself) and it has takeaways you can integrate in this gallant game of life. This new session, debuting at camp, is inspired by my lessons from within the Campowerment community, on moving beyond “failure.” Designing the session has motivated me on my journey to write a book about resilience (yours, mine and ours), that is coming soon…

And then there is…

Caleb Spauding – a brilliant percussionist, facilitator, deeply awesome being, and founder of the Rhythm of Happiness.

Caleb has appeared alongside Oprah on her 2020 Vision Tour, and in partnership with Lenny Kravitz’s Let Love Rule Foundation. He regularly partners with The Class by Taryn Toomey, and has brought his jam to hundreds of other events around the world.

Next month, he’s stepping into this community to facilitate some key moments, to help open us up to hear what our heartbeats want us to know, tap into the music of our collective aliveness and to co-create a campfire we’ve been dreaming about!!!

So, if you’re looking for something that your highest Self can assure you that you’re doing because you can be – and you choose toI think I found just the experience for you.

Sign up for camp before Sept 15

Thanks for reading. I can’t even wait to report back — in less than 6 weeks — from camp, with you by my side, if we’re lucky!

From the campfire & beyond, wherever it may lead…

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