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5 Reasons to Come to Campowerment

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jul 1 ∙ 5 Min Read

👂🏾Hear that? It’s the birds chirping in the Topatopa Mountains; the laughing and giggling of grown-up campers around you.

🤘🏽Feel that? It’s the California sun shining; the movement happening within you as you try totally new experiences on for size. 

✨We dare you — whether you’ve been here for 10 years or 10 minutes (if this is you — WELCOME) — to take 2 minutes and imagine what a life-enhancing, perspective-shifting, love-filled, joyful and transformative time you could be having at a Campowerment retreat!

Whatever goosebumps or images that may give you, we can promise you this: you will never be able to fully envision all the growth, change or inspiration you’d gain from a weekend in the woods (with 125+ other women) at Campowerment! So much magic awaits you at each of our retreats, including the next one up: Nov 11-14 in Ojai, CA!

“Sounds great,” you might be saying. “Mehh…maybe,” you may hear from the chatter in your head. Skeptics: we can basically hear your, “I doubt it.” But the truth is, poll any of our 5,000+ happy campers, and they’d agree that while. yes, there’s sunshine and birds and lots of laughing, what keeps them coming back for s’more is the deep insight…electric connection…the bold new beginnings…they get from just 4 days at Campowerment.

For those who need a little extra push to make it over the fence: here are the…

Top 5 (of ~5 million) reasons you should come to Campowerment this November:* 

(1) You’re ready to GROW

Whether it’s a career-shift, a life-change, a birthday, a child/partner/spouse/friend change, or a hunger for change that you don’t yet know how to satiate, you can rely on Campowerment to be the accelerator to wherever you’re growing.

(2) The intergenerational COMMUNITY of your dreams awaits

No matter your age, or life stage, or hopes or dreams or wants or desires, the community you’ll find here will light you up and bring you in, in ways you didn’t realize could happen in 4 days. Our campers are in theirs 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s…we’ve all got something to teach & learn (and laugh about), together!

Ready to hop the fence already?! SAVE YOUR BUNK SPOT HERE.

(3) The CONNECTION you’re craving

After the year that 2020 was, separating us and isolating us, who among us isn’t looking for a little loving on from old and new friends? Forge friendships and connections that will take you way beyond the bunk and keep you going long after you leave. 

(4) The chance to BUST OUT of your comfort zone

So often, we are reticent to leave the safe space in the universe we occupy, for fear of knocking our own worlds off their respective axes. But, even more often, we are so much better when we leave the safety behind, pushing ourselves to grow and evolve beyond our wildest imaginations. Sure, we may temporarily feel weird or nervous or anxious, but (and if you haven’t’ been to camp, you’ll have to trust us here), we’re willing to bet by the first dinner, every camper will feel excited and ready for what’s coming, even when she has no idea what that is just yet. 

(5) More FUN than you can fathom, really

When was the last time you had fun, for fun’s sake? Imagine how freeing it will be when you do, surrounded by friends, in a beautiful place, without any of the responsibility your daily life holds? Close your eyes and just think about that for a second? Then, open ’em, and book your bunk wouldya? 

. . . . . .

You know it – we know it – this list could go on forever. We barely touched on the kick-ass power of the experts we curate for each weekend, the crazy-good pillow talk, the smell of the campfire and the taste of s’mores, the adrenaline of the ropes, the magic of it all, but don’t worry, that’s all there, too. 

So…your homework, to help you get you over the fence:

  1. Take the leap and book your bunk space at Nov 11-14 camp retreat for women in Ojai, CA! HERE.
  2.  Bring friends who need this – Send them this article! (Copy/paste URL of this blog, yes!)
  3.  Share on social: tell your community why you’re coming to Campowerment (when you say it out loud it’s way more real), and encourage other women in your network to get on board. Tag us so we can love it! @Campowerment


  • // Peep our resources for getting your company to send you. HERE!
  • // Reach out if you want to bring a group, make special plans + snag a discount. HERE!
  • // Book a private room at camp if that’s more your style! Info in registration, HERE!

We’re so-o ready for you, babe! 

From the campfire & beyond…

*Or, if Fancy Camp is more your speed, sign up HERE to be among the first to know when 2022 dates drop (soon!!)

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