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Campers in the Wild: Maria, Mercedes, Jon

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Mar 14 ∙ 5 Min Read

What happens when a community of empowered humans are living in line with their passions? Here’s a lil’ looksie into the milestones of two incredible women* and one inspiring man (yes! #client!) whom we’re v. proud to call our camp friends…

Our intention is to not only amplify life’s good stuff, but also to inspire you to see the gorgeousness of the fact that you’re among really…like, reallyyyy…fine folx here within camp’s gates.

👼🏽 Maria Loida Welcomes Baby Nora & a podcast! 👼🏽

Congrats to expert Maria Loida who has been quite busy birthing her delicious new daughter Eleanor (lovingly, Nora) AND her podcast, “From Burnout to Boss.”

Of bringing her baby into the world, Maria shared, “Blessed is the fruit of my womb…introducing our Eleanor “Nora” Katherine Loida Weber 💫 Born on 02/10/22 at 8:03pm as an Aquarius on a Gemini moon.

I saw angel numbers throughout her whole labor and hospital stay, and she might have been born to Whitney Houston’s ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody.’

Eleanor means ‘light’ or ‘bright shining one…’ Katherine means ‘pure.’ ✨ So, her name means “pure light.” ✨ and she absolutely is that…So far, she’s the perfect mix of angelic, loud, silly, disgruntled, fierce and strong.”

Congratulations to Maria on this incredible bundle of joy (and future happy camper!). And if that weren’t enough, she launched her podcast just 3 weeks later. 

She shared, “Yep – I’m launching a podcast on maternity leave. You know why? Because I want to be an example of making a big impact in my work AND taking big massive breaks from that exact work to be with my newborn daughter.

In many ways, it’s for her because this is what I want to see in the world, for women right NOW, and especially for my daughter.

Because I want to be a CEO and a MOM.COM.

Because I want women to know that no matter what flavor of patriarchy they live in, we actually CAN and will LEAD and do it in a beautiful, balanced way.” 

We are in AWE! 

Follow Maria on Instagram for gorgeous lil’ tributes to milestones that speak to experiences we share. Check out her podcastHERE.

🏆 Mercedes Soler: Radio Pioneer 🏆

Campowerment Expert + Give Her Camp Board Member Mercedes Soler is so much more than a spiritualist, she is a media mogul, too!

As a long-time television anchor on Univision and CNN Español, Mercy (as she’s known around this campfire) and Tammi go back as far as Dish & Tell, their Harper Collins book co-written with three other women about having it all. More recently, Mercy and her husband have been building their radio business in Florida, acquiring radio stations and creating programming to meet the Latinx audiences in the region.

Throughout the pandemic, they have maintained their listener-first approach, including offering Sunday Mass and a podcast called Nuestros Niños, developed in partnership with a bilingual charter school, designed to help parents better understand the pandemic and at-home learning, and designed to engage students as well. 

Since then, their audiences have grown as has their advertising base.

In short: they’re doing super well by doing a ton of good, shaping a tribute space for a culture that’s hungry for programming dedicated to their preferences.

Read more about their growing brand in Business Observer. 

Join Mercy on where she leads programs like Rewriting Your Soul’s Contract, regularly…or go bigger and get grounded with her at Classic Camp East this Fall!

🥇 Boy on Girls Hill: Jon Pugh: Success 125 🥇

As we’ve shared, 2021 gave us many gifts; among them: client Messy Middle Mastermind, a real estate networking group dedicated to balancing noteworthy achievement in their industry with meaningful collective impact in the world.

For Messy Middle, we produced a (wow-worthy) custom 3-day retreat at a gorgeous venue in Austin, TX, for an even more gorgeous result of connected community and $70K raised…in 30 minutes…for charities of the group’s choosing. 

At the helm with fellow industry leader Sheena Saydam is Jon Pugh, a charismatic force who’s bringing his peeps back for a custom camp in 2022!

Anyway, we’re here to humble brag about Jon, who was recently featured in the Success 125, a list of both household names and everyday leaders who reflect the true value of Success Magazine: impacting others in a positive way. 

If you know Jon, you’re like, “YES!” He’s a badass real estate leader, an industry coach, a father, a friend and a visionary who sets sight on results that matter to him and wastes no time in getting after them.

More, he’s known for his generosity, having raised more than $300,000 for charitable causes in recent years.

He teaches others to build mission-driven businesses and live big lives, on purpose (sound familiar?!).

Congrats to Jon! We can’t wait to grow with you and your group in Asheville this Fall!

Learn s’more about how to raise your platform by offering your group a custom retreat where they can LIVE OUT every goal you have for them, with YOU at the helm, HERE.


. . . . . . .

What are you creating?! What are you proud of?

Your milestones are our milestones, so if you’re doing something big, something that’s pushing you to live in line with your passion, TELL US WHAT YOU’RE UP TO >> HERE!

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

*By women, we mean: all who identify with the feminine experience

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