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Campers in the Wild: Michelle Neuringer, Sheri Tobey and Stacey Berman

by Megan Weissman
 ∙ Feb 28 ∙ 6 Min Read

From starting a choir, having a milestone birthday and taking a big leap, to winning not one but two awards for their business?! We’re wild for the incredible stories we get to hear from you – our campers – sharing about the impact you’re making on and in the world. This month we’re featuring some incredible campers who, besides having accomplishments worth celebrating, gather with us for Monthly Milestone Circles. And you should too! It’s been TWO years since we started Monthly Milestone Circles on A chance for check-ins with yourself and your community — the women in your corner. And here we are, celebrating the women in ours.

Let’s jump in with snaps as:

Michelle neuringer starts yacht rock choiR 🎤🎤🎤

Michelle is a big fan of Yacht Rock – a musical genre from the late 70s and early 80s. And an even bigger fan of putting her mind to something and seeing it through. So we were beyond pumped (and not surprised) when she revealed to us, during last month’s Milestone Circle, that she started her own choir!

She says “I’m not sure when the idea of creating a choir focused on this niche genre found me. I have LOTS of ideas that never make it to execution. This time, I thought, ‘would I be upset if someone else created the first ever Yacht Rock Choir?’ – and the answer was clear. Even though I don’t have a formal musical background or ANY experience arranging or conducting, I had a feeling I should do this. 

The Campowerment community was instrumental in helping me commit to the idea and move it forward. I wrote about it as my “dash” during Tammi’s journaling session. I wore a sticky note on the last day of camp that said “seeking Yacht Rock Choir members.” Some got it instantly (shoutout to Oneil and Elise); some asked “what’s a Yacht Rock chair?” And my dear coach Nell Reid helped me commit to making music regularly, which is what inspired my first arrangement.

We are a non-audition community choir, 18 members and growing. I arrange and conduct all of our songs. When I spoke about it at February’s Monthly Milestone Circle, everyone was amazingly supportive (and nearly doubled our instagram followers).

What’s next? I’d like to establish a more serious Yacht Rock performance choir and perform as the opening act for Yacht Rock bands and at seaside venues this summer. Based in Brooklyn, NY, I welcome anyone interested in joining, connecting us with bands, or offering a venue.”

Find some performance clips (and help get them to 100 followers!) on Instagram at @yachtrockchoir.

. . . . . . .

sheri tobey has milestone birthday and joins campowerment 🏕️🏕️🏕️

Sheri came to us recently, through her sister in-law Barbara Palmer. After turning 65, Sheri decided she was ready for something new. After Barb brought her to our 10th Birthday celebration last month, Sheri become a regular on! And we had the pleasure of seeing her during her first Monthly Milestone Circle last month!

About joining this community Sheri says “I’m shy by nature and the idea of meeting new people and putting myself out there quite frankly scares me. I’m more comfortable being invisible. But Barb invited me to check it out and I’m so glad I did! I’m really pushing myself out of my comfort zone, this is really BIG and I’m just so grateful, excited, and proud to be able to allow myself the freedom to feel comfortable in my own skin.”

Talking about big leaps, Sheri even signed up for camp!!! (Be like Sheri and come to camp too!)

. . . . . . .

stacey berman sweeps couple’s choice for best wedding officiate 🏆🏆🏆

Looks like the weddings bells keep on ringing for Stacey Berman whose officiate business, Ceremonies by Stacey, has won not one but TWO awards for her work in 2022!! Taking home Couple’s Choice Awards: The Knot’s + Wedding Wire’s Best Weddings! 

About getting to share in the community of Milestone Circle every month, Stacey says “I absolutely LOVE this monthly Circle! I look forward to it each month. I feel so safe and supported among all the amazing women in this community. I feel comfortable sharing ideas/feelings that have previously been circling around in my head, often speaking them aloud in this circle for the first time. I so appreciate these women who allow me to boast of my wins (no matter how small), share my insecurities, and embrace me when I am vulnerable and cracking. I feel so comfortable with these women; in fact, I think of them as my chosen family. I feel seen, heard, and accepted for who I am. 

It was at one of the Monthly Milestone Circles that I first shared my idea of my wedding officiant side hustle. My family immediately had my back and brainstormed with me on how to really go after this crazy idea I had making it a reality! Everyone encouraged me to continue to be “professionally tenacious” with management “at my day job” as my officiant business grew over the past year. 

I enjoy so many sessions with but the Monthly Milestone is my favorite! I cannot wait to laugh, dance, and hug many of my chosen family when I see them at camp IRL this September!! I’M GOING TO CAMP!!”

(Be like Stacey and come to camp too!)

. . . . . . .

What are you creating?! What are you proud of?

Your milestones are our milestones, so if you’re doing something big, something that’s pushing you to live in line with your passion, TELL US WHAT YOU’RE UP TO >> HERE!

join us for march’s milestone circle

You maaaaay want to consider becoming a member of and joining these women (and many others) in March’s Milestone Circle!!

SEE YOU this fall?!

Join Sheri + Stacey (and the other incredible women) who are realizing life begins at the end of their comfort zone this fall.

Info + Registration Here

Thanks for being here.

From the campfire & beyond,
the Campowerment Crew

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