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Campowerthon: Recap + Re-igniting Offers

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Dec 9 ∙ 8 Min Read

And that’s a wrap on Campowerthon, folks! We talked about bringing insight, live, online for a long time, and we’re now 10 Workshops deep into our first foray. Over the 10 days of Campowerthon, we learned much, and now we want to share it with YOU, so peruse on to catch a little spark of re-ignition…and ways to GROW with these Experts from here!

(Special offers, too…)

JANINE DRIVER, Body Language Analyst, The Lyin’ Tamer

“The lower our  voice, the more powerful we are seen and perceived as.

“Liars convince, not convey.”

“When we don’t like what we see or hear, our lips disappear.”

“-ly words (like basically and typically) signals that the terms are negotiable.”

“When fear is here the whites of our eyes appear.”

“Crossed arms are the #1 mixed body language signal. [It’s not rude!] When we cross both arms, we use both sides of brain, and that gives us power.”

Janine’s Offer:


MARNIE NIR, Sr. Life Coach, Handel Group Life Coaching

“The reason we think people don’t mean what they say is because we don’t mean what we say!”

“Your head’s job is to keep you safe. Its job is to never have you fail or make a fool of yourself.” aka Your head has the tendency to be a chicken.

“Your chicken magically reminds you of every time you failed. It has amnesia to the times you didn’t. Your chicken is very busy.”

But what if you could slay the chicken by getting REAL? Time to have those hard conversations…

Marnie’s Offer: 

  • Get your gift! For a step-by-step guide for how to have a difficult conversation, download our free Art Of Being Honest giveaway, and use it to try out your honest conversation! You got this…
  • Sign up for a complimentary 15-minute coaching consultation, if you haven’t already, to learn more about our coaching options.
  • Receive $75 off a subscription to Inner.U, the digital coaching course that includes 14 hours of audio coaching!



“Once you decide who you are then that’s who you are, as long as you commit to living that way.” aka Commit a vision of yourself to yourself with, ‘I am,’ affirmations…then go and be that way!
…”Memorize your ‘I am’ – say it over and over – make it part of your DNA.”

“You don’t go into a restaurant and order ‘FOOD’ – tell the universe what you want specifically! Place emotions with it:
…Why do you want it?
…What does it feel like to have it?
…What does your world look like when you have it?
…What does your day look like when you are living in it?”  

Rebecca’s Offer:


JOANNA KLEINMAN, LCSW, Dethroning Your Inner Critic + Center for ExtraOrdinary Relationships

“The more books moms read on how to do parenting right, the more confused they become. There are lots of ‘shoulds’ that become imposed on us. Buying into the idea of who we are supposed to be as moms. The stress is not allowing us to be the moms our children want us to be for them and the ones we want to be for them, either.”

“90% of the things we think and feel about ourselves are formed by the time we’re 10 years old. Becoming the mom you want to be starts with getting to know yourself in a new way. You just identify the stories you’ve made up about parenting. You created those stories from your own childhood, and until you can learn them and challenge them, you won’t create the kind of massive transformation in your parenting that you are longing for.”

“Our children are mirrors for our own Inner Critics. Before we have kids, our Inner Critics tell us why we’re not good enough. Now we have more ways to unleash that.”

Joanna’s Offer:

Women of the Campowerment community are invited to join Joanna and her coaching partner Emily for a virtual private fireside chat and receive personalized attention and support in Dethroning Your Inner Critic: Schedule your free call @

TAMMI LEADER FULLER, Chief Empowerment Officer, Campowerment

“Identify: ‘what is the thing I love that people come to me for? That I would do in my free time on a Saturday? That I know so much about that I can PIOMA [pull it out of my a**!]?'”
…PIOMA cred: Andrea Quinn

“Then, think: what do the people who ask you for what you’re good at have in common? What can that teach you about WHO needs what YOU’ve got?”
…That’s your audience!

“Shrink your net. FOCUS your target. How narrow can you go in order to find the exact people who most need your gift, when you are giving it? You can be the EXPERT at that thing for those people…the one all those likeminded individuals come together around. That’s niche, and that’s what creates stories worth sharing.”

Tammi’s Offer:


ANNE SUSSMAN, Meditation Instructor

We take care of our bodies with food and exercise and our brains with books and music, but Anne wants to know, what are you doing to take care of your spirit?

“Compassion is not about whether or not the other person ‘deserves it’ [your compassion], it’s about you.”

Anne’s Offer:

Learn the simple, four-step process to increase your level of happiness by finding a Bliss Buddy and focusing on a gratitude practice. Start by picking up a copy of her new book: The Bliss Buddy Project; How Sharing Gratitude Increases Joy



“Your legacy is the story you choose to leave behind for future generations.” Stories live longer than people, and good ones allow those you love to keep and grow and share your legacy for generations to come.

“Your legacy is the story you choose to leave behind for future generations.”

Words move mountains. Allow them to.
Tell a story in six words.
What can you share by micro-journaling?

Grandy’s Offer:

  • Want help getting started writing? Have you started but don’t know what to do with it next? Journal with Grandy or share your work by emailing 😉
  • Check out Grandy’s favorite poem, The Dash by Linda Ellis.


If you’re looking to create a personal practice, start with a puja: a sacred space, where you can practice reverence to whatever it is you care about at that moment in your life. It can be a full room, or a shelf with items that are important to you, or as simple as your yoga mat, but it has to be and feel like YOURS.

When creating a practice to pause, remember your ABC’s: Always Be Comfortable. It’s a simple way to ground yourself and grant permission to the process of self-care.

Think of your chant as a connection to your power source. Think of Om as your “roar of joy” (cred: Lorin Roche)

Heather’s Offer:


DAWN ANDREWS, Business Strategist

Your ‘jam’, according to Dawn is hat you actually do, AND the impact of what you do.

“Knowing your jam lifts you out of your ego and allows you to ask for the help you need.”

Why it’s important to ask for help:
“If we don’t ask them [our community and clients] to step up, we don’t have a business and they don’t have our service.”

How to ask for what you need:
“When your ask is more specific, people can come back and deliver for you. Be specific so as to stack the deck in your favor.”

Dawn’s Offer:

  • Know you’re on to something with your idea, project or business, but need a little push in the right direction to bring it to its full potential? Reach out to, and let Dawn begin the conversation that will lead you to next (big!) steps.
  • For continued business development inspiration, connect with Dawn on Instagram and Facebook

LOIS NACHAMIE, Psychotherapist + Parenting Expert

Even when you’re taking care of a parent, remember that you DON’T have to become the parent.

“Accept the reality that is front of you and accept it with love. The more you function from a place of love and human kindness, the more you can herd the cats.”

Lois begs us to remember: “You can’t make your parents do anything they don’t want to do.”

Lois’s Offer:

  • Check out Lois’s website for more resources on parenting over the age of 35 AND caring for aging parents


That’s all, fam! Use these tidbits and takeaways as your fuel to carry you through the home stretch of 2018, and to propel you forward to living bigger and better during 2019.

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