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How We’re Giving – 2020

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Nov 30 ∙ 5 Min Read

Wrapping a year that rang a loud alarm for us to all wake up to our privilege and pay it forward, we’re more aware than ever of the impact we can make every day. We’re also sitting here in keen observation that this year, on #GivingTuesday, it’s not about if you only have 30 seconds, please skip to the end of this note to learn of orgs connected to folx in this community; orgs that are up to big things and could really use our support this year.

Instead of asking for support this Giving Tuesday, we’ll use this day dedicated to philanthropy as a great excuse to let you — our peeps — under the hood of Campowerment’s giving, because you made it happen, here, together, with us and each other.

This year, because of YOU…

1. We Are Preparing to GIVE Annual Memberships to to Honor Those in Service of Women’s Empowerment

When we launched in October, we invited YOU to empower a giving program that encapsulates the domino effect of women in transformation; one that matches your year of membership with a membership we GIVE to another woman, like you, on a mission, to learn, connect and grow.

We built it so that Annual Founding Memberships to this Transformational Digital Playground would Empower a Buy 1 // Give 1 Campaign. 

To do the giving, we’re partnering with inspiring organizations that empower underrepresented women and girls. Know an org that has women to honor? Send them to learn more + connect with us, HERE

This campaign is our commitment to:

  • Collective Growth, ensuring greater access to the gift of growing in the presence of awesome women who are in your corner.
  • Diversity and the magic that happens when unique perspectives play together 
  • A Cycle of Benevolence, in equipping organizations with something to give to the women who power their impact — their employees, those they serve, their volunteers, etc. Because we believe those who focus on helping others should know there’s a community ready to support their healing, too.
  • And Balance: The ultimate self-care for women who stand for something? Having the opportunity to spend the next year dedicated in equal measure to advocating for themselves and advocating for one another. 

Self-care is key in the coming year, for all of us. And we want to bring it to as many women – by birth or identity – as we can.

If you’ve not yet become a Founding Member of our interactive, online expert-led community, and are ready to grow AND give, the time is now!

Investment for all of 2021: $699, a 35% savings from monthly membership, now thru 12/31. Giving begins 1/1.

Join, save & give, here! 

2. We Added “Impact” As a Major Pillar of Programming, Beginning with an Anti-Racist Agenda

Learn s’more about the seven peaks you can reach with us, HERE.

3. We Are Ready to Grant 21 Retreat Scholarships to Extraordinary Women in 2021

Campowerment’s 501(c)(3) partner Give Her Camp, Inc. (FEIN: 81-1407528) provides scholarships to extraordinary women to re-ignite their lives at Campowerment’s IRL camp retreat experiences. Funded by members of the Campowerment community — with all overhead donated by the Campowerment Crew — Give Her Camp is a labor of love that, since 2016, has bridged an opportunity gap for more than 40 re-ignited women, who’ve told us their weekend at Campowerment was game-changing for their futures.

And in 2019, YOU provided the funding for 21 more scholarships!! A record-breaker. Of course, a global pandemic pushed us to put those scholarships – with our retreats – on hold this calendar year, but our incredible rebooted Board of Directors did vote to allocate all 21 bunk spaces to unbelievably inspiring applicants and nominees, 60% of whom were women of color.

We’ll be letting those women know we’d like to honor them at our November 2021 camp retreat in Ojai as soon as the world gives us the green light to gather again. (We’re crossing our fingers and toes that the day is coming soon…)

With that, it’s important we let you know that while we are always open to receiving donations that directly fund more scholarships (HERE), today, on this giving tuesday, we are not asking for anything.

There are so many causes that need your support — our support — right now, for urgent and dire services or sustenance, so they can keep doin’ what they’re doing on this rocky road that’s taking us into 2021.

If you’re looking for an org to support today but not sure where to look, may we suggest a few awesome non-profits connected to folx in this community? Check out:

Thanks for being heart-centered, impact-focused, and incredibly generous, all year long. We’re proud and humbled to be in your company and have you in ours.

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

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