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Reflection: Campowerment’s Word for 2023

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Jan 31 ∙ 6 Min Read

In case you missed it, we (Campowerment) turn 10 this year, and in celebration of our milestone – and in the midst of Word season (see below), we decided that for this community, 2023 is the year of REFLECTION.

Word season? Huh?

Some clarity: Good Will Ambassador + Heart-Centered Life Coach, Meryl Russo, who shared with this community the practice of Choosing Your Word, says we have until January 31st to do so. So here we are. Some may call this “procrastination,” but we wanted to marinate on ours – and really be sure it had the time to find us.

So we did it: Like many of you, Campowerment picked our word – A navigation tool for the year ahead, ensuring our goals line up and we stick to the mindset we’re setting up for ourself. 


At the deep core of what we do best, and what makes us most excited and proud, is community. For us, that’s not a “we share a workspace, a Facebook group, an affiliation or an interest” kind of a deal. For us, community means sharing a mutual agreement to bear witness to one another through a shared experience. (Take a second there. If that resonates and you’re new here, hey: it feels as powerful as it sounds). 

Anyway, with community comes a unique flavor of REFLECTION, and this Oracle card from a deck we love* puts it really well:

“Sometimes we believe what others tell us we are, as though the self we see reflected back to us through their eyes is truth. Yet the accuracy of a reflection depends on the clarity of that which is doing the reflecting!

Even the moon reflects the sun in varying degrees of fullness and clarity. We can learn something of the nature of the sun from the moon, but not as much as through direct perception…

There may be those around you who are able to reflect you and even help you see more of your own greatness and beauty. These are the souls blessed with inner stillness. In the clear waters of their ocean of consciousness, you can come to recognize yourself with clearer perception. 

If you are blessed with those in your life who can show you the beauty within you, wonderful. Even so this oracle comes to you with a task you are now ready for. You are to begin to develop the art of direct perception. This is the ability to recognize yourself not only in the eyes of others, but from how you feel about yourself. how you experience yourself and how you observe yourself (with compassion and kindness) from within.”

In your clear waters

We are fascinated by the idea – the fact – that we can never truly see ourselves. We’re just seeing a reflection. A vision of ourselves shared back with us. 

What a gift we share in being able to hold the mirror up for you, through Campowerment experiences. Allowing you to do that for each other. Being the mirror by which this community can see their truest self.

But this year: this year we recognize how YOU do that for US!!

In reflecting on how Campowerment got to where we get to stand today (Alive! Growing!), we really SEE how powerful our community, and our business is, because you’ve held up the mirror, you’ve given us the still water, so we can trust the beauty and abundance we see in our reflection. 

And that’s given us the feeling of safety and READINESS to take this year as one for:

Our direct perception

In our 10th year we’re looking back on the 9 that were and seeing YOU – or someone who paved the path for you to find your way here – and realizing that, for every step along this journey, we’ve been able to know the right next step by trusting the company we’ve kept. 

That’s why, in seeing ourselves as directly as we can – or beginning to, we’ve decided that this year we’re growing through who we know. We turned off Facebook ads, we’ve stopped looking outwards, we’ve looked at our personal old rolodexes, we’ve read old handwritten notes and searched in purses for business cards collected over the decade…and we asked you where we should take this movement on tour

Because, when we reflect on what matters most and where we want to take it, we can perceive ourself (as Campowerment) most directly when we are with you – and yours.

What now?

Now, we thank you for being solid, still, clear for us to see our own possibility. Thanks for letting us offer you the same. Our offer: to keep going…keep growing, and being brave enough to travel the journey we invite you on (ah!). Our ask: you help us grow through who YOU know.

*  *  *

The beautiful part of reflection is, it’s never set in stone. Unlike a photograph a mirror isn’t stagnant. Where we are now is not where we have to live. All reflecting does, is allows us to take inventory of what our life looks like. 

We ask that you, like Campowerment, take a second to reflect. If we don’t have a handle on our past, or even our current, we can’t move forward.

Think about where you are in life, who’s in it, where you spend your time and think about how it makes you feel. Do you like where you are?

We look towards you, our community, as our still water, for us to see our reflection. We aim to surround ourselves with good company who are honest and show us not only who we are, but who we want to be.

And by the looks of it, we’re heading in the right direction. We have the confidence to know that everything we will need for the future we have somewhere within us at present, and that’s you and where we’ll go together.

Let this community be your still water to view yourself as transparently and truthfully as possible.  You have to reflect to know what you need, and once you do, be vulnerable enough to ask for it.

And when you know what you want, we’re ready for you! This community is here to get you seeing the version of yourself you aspire to be (and probably already are). 

So start reflecting. Life’s too short not to love what’s looking back at you in the mirror.

*Source: Sacred Rebels Oracle, Guidebook – by Alana Fairchild

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

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