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Saturn Square Uranus

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Feb 16 ∙ 2 Min Read

Leslie McGuirk, Astrologer, Human Designer and a loyal gal pal of Campowerment, schooled us on the planetary shift that’s happening tomorrow that’s supposed to be – pardon our French – a real s#*tshow!

For a bit about what’s coming and what we can do to protect ourselves as Saturn + Uranus clash on Feb 17, 2021, watch this conversation between Leslie and Campowerment Founder Tammi Leader Fuller

Some highlights:

What on earth is happening with the planets?

  • ~ Saturn and Uranus are clashing on Feb 17, and they’ll clash again on June 14 and Dec 24
  • ~ (Sorry but) we do have this energy all year. It’s here to help us realize we have been out of whack! We have been living on an Earth where we are not paying attention to what’s above our heads.
  • ~ If you happen to be an Aquarius or a Taurus (Sun sign), you’re going to feel this even more, so if you feel like you’re losing your mind…it’s not you. Remember: You’re part of a bigger system. It does have an influence on you.

What do we do about it?

  • ~ The trick is to get in balance with what is.
  • ~ If you flip out about this stuff, it’s not healthy. You’re not supposed to freak out every time Mercury goes retrograde or the planets shift!
  • ~ The energy is very uncomfortable, so go with it. Get into the rhythm of it. The best thing you can do is get more attune with nature.
  • ~ If you can, find inspiration and motivation from the Japanese tradition to forest bathe!
  • ~ Pay more attention to what’s happening with our planet and its cosmic influences.
  • ~ Choose to live your life in accordance (not against) the balance of the system, and know that something really exciting can break through this. (Really: powerful things can bring the breaking of patterns.)

. . . . .

Get in touch with Leslie McGuirk, who’s beginning to offer regular live sessions about the astrological context for current events, by reaching out at, or signing up for her emails at

And look out for Leslie on the schedule at She’s here often, and she’s always a star. 🌟

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