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State of Our Union – Fall 2021

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Sep 29 ∙ 4 Min Read

A few weeks ago, in a Circle on — the transformational digital playground that brings our expert-led programming to the comfort of your cabin, live, all year — a remarkable woman said something that left an indelible mark on me. 

She said, in response to another who’s been feeling lots of feels about changes that lie ahead for her: “It’s hard to dream of where we’ve never been, but I appreciate your courage in knowing that something is waiting for you there.”

Those words traveled through the screens to reach me, and I think to the member they were aimed at. And I realized, that happens often within our proverbial gates: women catching each other being vulnerable and brave simultaneously. 

That’s the kind of stuff that happens when women gather within Campowerment, and that’s what’s been happening over the last year in…wait for it…five hundred sessions on

Yes — in just a couple weeks, celebrates its first birthday…and 500th live, expert-led session delivered for and by incredible women who are up to something big!!

We launched our digital membership community last year #becauseCOVID, and since then, the world has changed and changed and changed again. Together over the course of this time, we’ve learned that it is always going to change,
and how we show up for it gets to be adaptable too!

That’s why we’re showing up for year two as year two has shown up for all of us: a bit differently. Better, we think, because it means we can reach s’more women whose lives would be brighter if they could belong here. 

We’re bringing down the cost OF — to offer access to s’more women!

For as low as $32.50 a month (the cost of what: 2 yoga classes?)…you have 10 opportunities every single month…

  • // To hold a mirror up to yourself and realize what you’re made of
  • // To connect with women who are honest – real – vulnerable – smart – and very cool
  • // To learn from thought leaders who have insight that can chart a whole new course for you 
  • // To take the time to reflect
  • // To reevaluate your priorities
  • // To up the ante on your business plan or the plan to get you to your dream (of starting a nonprofit, of pivoting directions, of finding your next chapters when the kids move out [again] post-COVID shuffle, of writing better boundaries around who you are today)
  • // To spark your creativity
  • // To blow yourself away

S’more about this powerful, soulful, beautiful digital community, here

Everybody has their own list of needs
Of wants
Of things that make them feel the fullest
Or things that they think might offers the place for all that to intersect

It’s a place for you to matter, that matters to you…for hundreds of women, simultaneously.

Join now

Within the gates of, you (yes, girl: YOU) belong. Join now!

Year 2’s going to be epic. Get in here!!

And tell all the women you want to see growing with you to boogie over to and join us, too!

From the campfire & way way beyond…
Tammi, Chelsea and your Campowerment Crew


If you are jonesing for that unique in-person vibration, we are very much gathering in person this Fall, with COVID accommodations that strive to keep us all safe.

November 11-14. Ojai, Ca. Experts who will blow ‘ya mind.

LEARN ABOUT THEM AND SIGN UP FOR NOVEMBER CAMP HERE. See a sample schedule here. Digital members take $200 off 😉

S’more on November camp here

Bunk living not your vibe?

You absolutely must check out Fancy Camp next May at a very-gorgeous guest ranch with all the bells and whistles! 

See a sample schedule here

S’more on Fancy Camp here

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