We bring our expert-studded, 5-star experience to a 5-star locale, for a 4-day weekend that will pamper your purpose. 

Enjoy hysterical belly laughter paired with holistic massages; friendships to light up your life paired with nature to turn the volume down on life’s noise; gourmet food paired with goofy games…and so much s’more!

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Prepare to turn your pinkies up!

Your reservation includes:

  • // 4 days, 3 nights of expansive and intimate expert-led programming, powered by play
  • // R & R built into the program that’s celebrated by thousands of women and dozens of national media outlets across the country
  • // Luxury accommodations 
  • // Gourmet meals
  • // An indulgent spa treatment
  • // Connection to women who, like you, are in relentless pursuit of growth, in an elevated, connected community that belongs together

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