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Campers in the Wild: Julie, Traci, Beth

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Feb 18 ∙ 3 Min Read

What happens when a community of empowered folx are living in line with their passions? Here’s a lil’ looksie into the milestones of three incredible women* whom we’re v. proud to call our camp friends…women who could be yours, too!

PSA – Join ’em starting today, here…or at camp this Fall! 😉 Meantime…

🪴 Julie Rowlands x Chrissy Teigen!! 🪴

As a first-time camper in 2014, Julie came to Campowerment as she was seeking her purpose, and she found it…at the arts & crafts station! Drawing from inspiration within this community, Julie created her living art business, Succulents by Jules. Fast forward to 2022: JuIie’s at home with Chrissy Teigen (noteworthy: also the home of John Legend), leading a succulent planting workshop for a family par-tay!

She’s since been to camp three more times; once bringing her sister in law Gaynor to Cali, all the way from Australia…and once with her daughter Taylor! Jules is a regular ‘round these parts, joining regularly ‘round the digital campfire. She says it was Tammi’s Rewrite Your Story class during the pandemic that helped her see the potential to grow her business during the pandemic. Now, with her feet firmly planted, and the support of so many camp sisters who continue to buy her magnificent succulent arrangements, studded with crystals and seaglass and driftwood, Jules’ business continues to grow.

While flowers die, succulents are resilient (just like Julie!) and can live for years. Check ‘em out HERE.

🎬 As Seen on TV: Traci Wolfe 🎬

Actress, and Campowerment East Coast camper, this beautiful human Traci made her debut on the CBS hit Blue Bloods in January!

She has spent decades acting, most famously on the Cosby Show and in Lethal Weapon 1-4. Congrats Traci, on getting back into the business after years teaching yoga and taking women out hiking in the great outdoors!

🏋🏾‍♀️ Supported by Sisterhood: Beth McGuire 🏋🏾‍♀️

A bright light, a loyal penpal, dedicated animal lover, caretaker and long-time, repeat camper, Bethany continues to carry on with a smile through her grief, after losing her mother (who passed very shortly after camp) and her grandmother. Beth sat in one of Meryl Russo’s grief Circles in 2019, and for the first time in her life, felt safe enough to be vulnerable and really push through her grief. Following the loss of her mother, Beth told us that the Campowerment community was a beacon that helped her through the darkest time of her life.

“The sisterhood I developed with other campers was life saving. I had phone calls, Zoom calls, cards, gifts and most importantly support. They checked on me, held space and continue to today. Because of the support I received from my camp friends, I decided to take a spontaneous trip to NYC just to enjoy the art, food, sights and people watching. And I felt them with me, celebrating my joy! 

Who knew that women I met in one weekend could be my closest and most treasured friends?

Phew! That is what this sisterhood is all about. 

Meantime, if you need us, we’ll be over here hooting & hollering like proud mamas…

From the campfire & beyond,
The Campowerment Crew

*By women, we mean: all who identify with the feminine experience

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