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A-Musings, HI from HQ

Ease and Flow 🌊

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Jan 26 ∙ 5 Min Read

A few weeks ago, I woke up with a thought I have more often than I’d like to admit, “Time to get up! So much to do!” with the underpinnings of the belief that I am time-hungry…behind the ball…working against the clock.

For months, lots of micro-evidence of a bigger karmic shift in our community’s favor has been revealing itself and, for the first time in my career, I’ve been struggling to keep up with the pace. 

But if it’s the first time I’ve struggled with keeping up, then why is the internal feeling of hustle and bustle so familiar?

Perhaps it comes down to my relationship not only with time, but with the concept of work. Time is ticking, “hard” work is required to make big things happen. What if I could believe that it weren’t though? 

What if, instead of swimming upstream against the Universe’s current, I could dive directly into it and ride with the tide?

Over the next week, I let that dialectic volley back and forth, forth and back inside my head, then joined a Campowerment session or two online, spent time with my partner Peter and old friends on trips to Colorado and New York, took in the fresh mountain air and had a beautiful Zoom sesh with my family (#selfcare, y’all…). 

And in the few days that followed all that, here’s what came to me: If my word for this year is “joy,”* then I have to be willing to swap my beliefs, in favor of ease and flow so I have time to see, feel and be the joy!!

The realization struck light lightning and sent me calling my partner-mom Tammi, to propose something a little outlandish:

That we take Fancy Camp off the calendar in 2022. 

Fancy Camp (which had been scheduled for May), with limited space anyhow, was already half full, in an early-ish inning. It was poised to be phenomenal, so this idea would, using our past logic, make little sense.

But a few roadblocks appeared in the midst of the appearance of very obvious, expansive other opportunities that would benefit the community at-large, which we’d otherwise likely have to delay because “there’s only so much time!”

When I spoke with Tam, to my utter surprise, she had been having the same thoughts and feelings, with the same rationale! “It’s time we do what we encourage others to do: let’s go with, not against the grain!”

And that’s when, how & WHY WE TOOK Fancy Camp off the books for 2022.

We shared the news almost immediately, with our venue partners at The Horse Shoe Farm, with the intended experts, with the 2022 registered Fancy Campers and those who were counting on uniting in May.

Within (and I kid you not) ONE DAY, one of our custom retreat clients chose – from a whole catalog of venue options – to host their 2022 retreat with us at that same farm; AND all experts chose a Classic Camp to join in on in the Fall; AND we heard from nearly all registered Fancy Campers with their next steps.

Though the retreat-specific outcome is not our fave, the energy that the decision has invited into Campowerment has already been other-level, and we can hardly wait to share the outcomes of that with you!

To those who were signed up for Fancy Camp: you’re champs, and we know a full refund is far less sexy than a life-affirming retreat, but we promise the pay-off of future opportunities for all of us will be well worth the wait!

To those who were flirting with the idea of getting fancy with us, Campowerment style, fret not: we’ve got private and semi-private room offerings at both Classic Camps in the Fall 😉 Available during check-out when you register.

For ease & flow’s sake – Shortcut to get s’more info & sign up for Classic Camp EAST here – WEST here 😉

To everyone who’s reading this, I hope this share can help you, too, see what’s available when you…

  • || Get real with your truth and the story that’s standing between you and your intentions,

  • || Hear your inner voice as it helps you understand the implications of removing that block, and 

  • || Trust that when you clear the way, and remain in integrity to who you are, all will serve the highest good

Thank you for your support throughout. We’re honored to keep catching you ‘round the virtual campfire, and are stoked to get into nature with you this Fall. 

Ease & flow – let’s ride!

From the bottom of my/our heart/s, beyond all the campfires…

*And I really intend to embody joy as a way of being. Big thanks to Meryl Russo and Barbara Palmer for helping me land my word and my intention. Follow their lead to find your word HERE

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