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The Best Unexpected: A New Beginning Sparked at Camp

By: Christina Farrell Lerchen, Camper

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you” – Misty Copeland 

My first experience with Campowerment was more than 2 years ago.  I was in the midst of major frazzled out spiral when I stumbled upon an article […]

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Velveth: A happily married mom of two beautiful girls. A politician in her hometown.  A daughter and a sibling.

Velveth (pronounced: Velvet) Schmitz is a camp girl. A longtime outdoor chick who never misses her annual week-long stay at University of California at Berkeley’s family camp, Lair of the Golden Bear.

Even with a background like that, Velveth […]

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Dear Campowerment, On Your 4th Birthday


Dear Campowerment,

Oh my, how you’ve grown. When we first met in 2013, I had no idea how many birthdays we’d celebrate together. Someone told me I just had to build you, and fabulously awesome women would come. And they have. By the thousands.

And while I still can’t figure out how we’ve only […]

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Poetry On Display

Those who read our emails know this fact to be true
Poetry is a talent we like to flex within this Crew
We’re not so hot at math but with words we kind of slay
And this Fall we came to learn that the gab is NOT one way

We started receiving emails from a Camper named Sherry
Who spews […]

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Until You Have Flown

I inherited a trait from my parents that closely resembles workaholism, but takes a right turn and shows up just a little bit differently. When it rears its head, my eyes grow big and busy, my lips turn up to the right, and I appear to be having a dynamic conversation, except no words are […]

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Get There

By: Barbara Palmer, Camper

Bring a Friend to Camp. Or Don’t. But Get There.

The first time I went to Campowerment, I went with two friends. Not best friends but women who knew me, knew enough of my history and soul that I thought we would have a common experience that would bond us further. Connect […]

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The Evolution of Camp Love

By: Laura Conn, Campowerment Intern

“Where did you go to camp?” will always be one of my favorite conversation starters.  If you know me or anyone in my family – you know that I am in a full-time, long-term, forever-and-always relationship with my childhood happy place, Tripp Lake Camp (TLC).  Even if I didn’t want to be […]

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Roll Call: Meet our Interns!

The Campowerment Crew is psyched to introduce two new chicks who knock our socks off. Fam: meet Alli and Laura, our two camp lovin’, creative thinkin’ summer interns! 

From now ’til late August, Chelsea and Lea in our NY digs get the pleasure of bunking with these two, as they hash out big plans for marketing and magic-making on behalf of Campowerment.

Curtain up: […]

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ALL WAYS UP + Making Time to Play Along the Way

I’m no economist, analyst or mathematician, but as Chief Empowerment Officer (and mom, TV producer, and camper before that) I’ve been working on a study that’s landed a very conclusive finding: You cannot buy or measure the power of playtime.

How do I know? I’ve seen it over and over and over again: once you surrender your ego, […]

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1, 2, 3, 4 We (Always) Want Color War

Each summer, millions of kids go to sleepaway camp; thousands return to be counselors.  Yet, with all those people passing through camp gates, only a few make camp their career.  I am one of those lucky few.

Let’s go back to where it started:  In 4th grade my parents sent me off to camp, hoping that I’d […]

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