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About Tammi Leader Fuller

Tammi is an Emmy-Award winning TV Producer who walked away from a successful, 34-year career, fed up and fired up by the dramatic portrayals of women on TV. Inspired by her unparalleled childhood summer camp experiences, Tammi created Campowerment, starting with Weekend Retreats in the great outdoors, to build micro-communities of women who empower one another to be better than the TV versions of ourselves. Tammi’s lookin’ to help people rebuild the tribes that evaporated once the complexities of life kicked in.

Tammi is the lady in the driver’s seat (of the old camp golf cart), here to make sure folks don’t get what they want from this community…instead, they get what they need.

Why These Experts: November 2018

Wondering how and why I’ve assembled the smorgasbord of Experts who are coming to Campowerment this November 9-12? 

It’s not an accident that all these thought leaders are touching on transformation of some sort.  It’s 2018, and we’re embracing change just as fast as we can, but that isn’t always easy.  Here’s the inside scoop on […]

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Why These Experts: September 2018

While so much of what happens at a Campowerment women’s weekend happens because of the (wild, wacky, wonderful) Campers who show up to play, a huge part of the experience is contingent upon the Experts: those gifted thought leaders + warriors who show up dedicated to helping Campers (YOU!) elevate your lives.

During my 34 years […]

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A New Vision for a New Year

If you want 2018 to be the year you make your dreams come true, first you gotta have some dreams.

If you could design your life exactly how you want, what might the blueprint look like? (Do you even know what you want?)

I didn’t either. As 2017 threatened to dump me, I faced ’18 without one […]

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Our Inner Circle: another first

Today, with fingers crossed and, for me, an out-of-the-ordinary reliance on the Internet,  we are taking this Campowerment movement to cyberspace with the inaugural gathering of 12 women (+me and Chelsea) from the Campowerment Inner Circle.

Let me take a step back: immediately following our November ’17 retreat in Malibu (our 21st weekend of its kind!), […]

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One hundred and fifty years ago, my dad’s family— the Leaders — left Russia, crammed into a crowded steamship. And though we may never know if their name really was Leader when they landed at Ellis Island, or if one of my ancestors made it up from the front of the line, it really doesn’t matter.

I was born a Leader.

If I was destined […]

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On That Sunday I Realized

Ever fixed up friends from different parts of your life and watched unexpected magic happen? 

The Sunday before last, I got to see my dear friends Gina and Scott tie the proverbial knot. These two have each found the kind of partner all us single girls are looking for. They’re madly in love and already on […]

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Thinking & Growing Rich with My Council

There’s this 80-year-old book I pick up every few years called “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. Each time I read it, I devour its message, and actually believe I’m gonna apply its profound principles to my life. For real .  Every time.  But I never do.

Napoleon Hill is a legend, a journalist hired […]

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10 Reasons Your Life is Better Than You Think

You count your blessings.
Even if you wake up every morning wondering what it really is you’re supposed to be doing with this life, you’re grateful for something.  There’s always a couple things to be thankful for, even if it’s just that you were able to put dinner on the table last night, or don’t […]

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Eat, Play, Fall in Love (with Yourself) All Over Again

I was bummed to hear that Elizabeth Gilbert is divorcing her second husband — the one she fell head-over-heels in love with after eating, praying and loving her way across the globe a decade ago. Back then, Gilbert’s bestselling book resonated so deeply with me and my posse of stressed-out, working mommies who hung on […]

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