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Going Custom with DoBetter

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Apr 11 ∙ 5 Min Read

We’re in “Retreat Season” year-round, but there’s something special about the first in-person retreat of the year and this time, we’re ringing it in with DoBetter.

Some context: Campowerment works with purpose-driven companies, groups and organizations of all varieties (from non-profits to international retail brands, to industry-related conference groups and far beyond) to produce brilliantly impactful experiences that instill belonging.

We spoke to our client Megan DeLeon, Chief Clinical Officer of DoBetter, a community of Behavior Analysts who connect virtually to bond professionals and personally, as she prepares for their second annual retreat with Campowerment…

Made up of over 1,000 Behavior Analysts who engage in a supportive online community to find mentorship, an exchanging of ideas and a community to turn to in a professional and personal way. DoBetter’s goal is to inspire professionals to keep learning, keep sharing, and keep seeking the support they need to make a difference in the lives they touch every day.

Megan found her way to Campowerment after attending an annual conference for Behavior Analysts and becoming frustrated with she always left exhausted but having learned nothing. She thought there had to be a better way.

Spoiler: there was.

Megan shares “I did a search on Google for adult camps and retreats and Campowerment was one of the first places I found. I just absolutely loved everything about it: the mission, the values everything described was exactly what I was looking for. And the idea of exposure to experts, especially for Behavior Analysts, I knew it was something that would benefit our organization. Broadening our knowledge of ourselves and the work that we do. And to not have to plan any of it, was also very nice! As soon as Chelsea and I had our first zoom call, I knew right away…”

We first got to hang with DoBetter in 2021 to help ’em unplug, connect with themselves and each other and be able to return to their job refreshed.

After the first retreat, Megan shares, “A lot of people said ‘woah, I didn’t know I needed this.’ Because they didn’t know they needed all the non-professional aspects of camp that Campowerment provided.”

She adds, “Our field is one of the only few where we’re constantly on. There’s never a time where that part shuts off and we’re just present. So having an opportunity to be present for ourselves, is just so important…

We have to remind ourselves of our existence as a human, beyond being a Behavior Analyst or a parent or a partner.”

Megan gives credit to the magic of Campowerment saying, “Chelsea and Tammi are so open and make you immediately feel comfortable. The experts we had, Gabbi and Caitlin as well were so welcoming and made us feel so safe. It wasn’t just within the sessions we attended but, at meals or in between sessions, everyone was fully present to truly and authentically get to know the campers. And it makes it a lot easier to unhook from things and let everything go in order to get into the experience.”The icing on the cake for Megan was being able to experience the retreat as a participant, and not having to plan it like she had in previous years.

“[In the past] I was just constantly running around and getting things set up. But with Campowerment, they take care of everything.

And I got to participate in whatever I wanted to. I was right in there with everyone as a participant. Which I think is really helpful because if you’re just seen as the leader, sometimes you don’t get to have that same experience and people aren’t as vulnerable and open. I was given the option to be as involved as I wanted in the process and I let Campowerment take the wheel.”

She adds, “The big piece for me was the folks constantly sharing all the benefits they found in being a part of the DoBetter Collective. That was emotional, inspiring and also made me more passionate about everything. Because I was able to see that people felt like they finally found a place of community inspiring them to stay in the field.

There’s no way that I could have set something up like that and had the same impact. I needed Campowerment.

Their amazing team, activities and experts created the fun and the play as well as the self-awareness, self-care and the discussions we need to be having and activities we need to be doing but aren’t, around taking care of ourselves.”

When asked about what she’s most excited for this upcoming retreat, she very quickly shared “[One is to] wake up for a few days and not have to worry about what or when I’m eating!”

It’s the little things….

Let us handle all the things, big and small, that go into creating an outrageous experience that leaves people connected long beyond the campfire.

Make your dreams a reality and find out what we can do for your group/team/organization when you…

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