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Gift Guide: For the Purpose-Driven Woman

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Dec 2 ∙ 9 Min Read

Those powerhouse women in your life (you, perhaps?) are often the ones thinking of everyone else for the holidays. If you’re going the gift route this holiday, how ’bout you put that purpose-driven woman (again: YOU?) at the top of your gift list, huh? Here are some gifts that go the distance, to help her up the ante on life, starting now.

What if you could give/get…

The kick in the pants to write a book:

GIVE HER or YOU: Bestseller in a Weekend® – a Virtual Workshop, plus 60-minute Strategy Call with Book Coach Alicia Dunams
Cost: $997, available now thru 12/31

Purchase that here

. . .

Meaningful changes in your life or the life of someone you love who needs you:

GIVE HER or YOU: Single Coaching Sessions with Melody Murray, LMFT so you can:

  • Learn How to Blow Up Your Life – The Right Way.  Receive guidance on how to make major life changes with kindness, boundaries and confidence -OR-
  • Support a Suicidal Loved One…learn how to navigate your feelings and their issues.
  • Cost: $200/session

Or Go Bigger: 2-Session Coaching Packs, so you can explore:

  • Your Family of Origin: Learn how to stop Repeating Unhealthy Family Patterns.
  • Mourning the Living: Learn how to make peace with shutting the door on unhealthy relationship dynamics.
    Cost: $400/2-session pack

Click here to book or inquire by email

. . .

Belonging to an incredible community of women – and a march towards your dreams:

GIVE HER or YOU: Membership to the transformational digital playground for women to learn, connect and grow, together. Hundreds of live expert-led sessions that bring you full access to incredible friendships, life’s grounding lessons and the spirit of the campfire…plus on-demand content at your leisure.
Cost: Monthly ($90) or for the full year (available thru 12/31 for $699, 35% savings). On a tight budget? Gift ‘em (or yourself) 2 weeks free (it’s on us!)

Purchase that here

. . .

Sexy time: 

GIVE HER or YOU: Adult Toys and bath and body products from Freda Hobbs
Cost: Save 25% off of orders over $50 now thru 12/31

Shop with Freda here

. . .

A new job:

GIVE HER or YOU: Job-Searching Coaching with HR Hiring Expert Laura Mazzullo Learn how to transform your job-searching/networking efforts!
Cost: $249 for a 90-minute 1:1 customized Zoom session

Click here to book or inquire by email

. . .

A path to a powerful life that aligns with your passion: 

GIVE HER or YOU: A 6-week Reinvention Master Class with Tammi Leader Fuller, Emmy-Award-Winning TV Producer and Founder, Campowerment — for those seeking change, AND ready to do something about it. Figure out who & what you want to be in this series that will help you do something that matters in the year ahead.
Cost: $360 for six 90-minute classes, Registration open thru 12/31

Click here to inquire by email
With REINVENTION in the subject line

. . .


GIVE HER or YOU: 30-60 min Natal Readings with Leslie McGuirk, Astrologist & Human Designer: $275-$500

  • A 30-minute natal chart reading includes a copy of your natal chart and a basic overview. If you want the session to be just about your astrocartography map or your relationship with another person, it can be customized to focus on whatever you would like. 
  • For an hour long deep dive into your natal chart, your astrocartography map, and your transits. If there is time, Leslie can also go over the charts of key people in your life. You will also receive a written report of all the aspects of your chart so you can use it as a reference guide.

OR go bigger with The Dive and Follow Up Coaching: $1,000

  • This package includes an initial 1 hour session with Leslie, with two follow up 45 minute sessions (must be used within 6 months of the original reading). The additional 45 minute sessions can be used to discuss business clients, personal relationships, family issues, health issues etc.

Book here

. . .

Heart-centered living:

Gift for her or YOU: A 12-Week Group Work Series on Inquiring Within, Connecting Above and Grounding Beneath You, with Caitlin Peterson, LCSW, Integrative Psychotherapist, CHt, Founder: The Soul School – Fridays, 10AM EST starting 1/8/21.
Cost: $800; Book by 1/3/21

Click here to get booking by email

. . .

Peace of mind: 

GIVE HER or YOU:  The new, best-selling book by Joanna Kleinman, LCSW: Dethroning Your Inner Critic.
Cost: $14.99

Snag the book here

OR go bigger and get Coaching with Joanna: 10% off when you email

. . .

A benevolent (& spiritually abundant) relationship with money: 

GIVE HER or YOU: Imagine you could have a conversation with your Money…What if you could get an inside look from Money’s perspective of what it wants for you? Think of how clear and confident you would feel and how inspired your financial decisions could be. Book A Messages from Money session with Ellen Rogin, CPA + Abundance Activist.
Cost: $180

Learn s’more & book here

. . .

A Freaking adorable new sweatshirt that stands for s’more: 

GIVE HER or YOU: A mushy new sweatshirt from Campowerment’s limited edition Holiday 2020 collection!
Cost: $48-72

Shop for comfy-cozy Campowerment gear here

. . .

A better way to work from home: 

GIVE HER or YOU: The new book from Productivity Consultant Wendy Ellin: Working From Home…How’s That Working For You?: Clean Up Your Mess, Set Up Your Space, And Step Up Your Productivity.
Cost: Less than $10

Snag the book here

OR go bigger and join Work@Home with Wendy, a 3-Day Intensive
Cost: $1,038 (20% off full price) – book by December 4, 2020

Learn more & register here

. . .

Deep spiritual healing:

GIVE HER or YOU: Akashic Reading and/or Akashic Breathwork. Learn what that means and how deeply it can help you understand yourself, here. Gift certificates available.
Cost: $180 per session. Bundle the two and receive a $30 discount when you book by 12/31

Book by email here

. . .

The kickstart your business needs to soar:

GIVE HER or YOU: A 90-Minute Master Business Planning Session to Grow Your Big Idea with Business Coach Dawn Andrews.
Cost: $497, Purchase by 12/15/2020. Use By March 31, 2021.

Book by email here
With MASTER PLANNING SESSION in the subject line.

. . .

A way-cute mask chain:

GIVE HER or YOU: A MAMA FIRST Mask Chain from Jen Schwartz, Founder: Motherhood Understood: Get that special mama in your life a chic mask chain not just to hold the mask up, but to hold her up and remind her she matters and so does her health and wellness, especially during this crazy time.

Cost: $20 plus $6 shipping

To order, email your color choice and mailing address to

. . .

A successful divorce from a narcissistic partner:

GIVE HER or YOU: The 4-hour crash course with Rebecca Zung, Esq.: “SLAY Your Negotiation with a Narcissist.” Get the tools you need to shift the dynamic, from a top 1% attorney who takes you step by step from where to begin all the way to a win.
Cost: $497 when using the promo code SLAY200 now thru 12/31

Register here

. . .


GIVE HER or YOU: One-on-one coaching with Meryl Russo, Life Transition Coach: to help women meet themselves with kindness, compassion and confidence. When we do, we are unstoppable!
1 session: $200, 6-9 session packs available at a discount 

Inquire & book by email here

. . .

A fitness plan that starts with walking one step a time: 

GIVE HER or YOU: The book by Michele Stanten, Walking Coach & Former Fitness Editor of Prevention Magazine: “Walk Your Way to Better Health.” Read about the book here.
Cost: $20, shipping included

Order directly from Michele & save: Email with your shipping address, and she’ll handle payment + next steps directly…

. . .

protection for your loved ones, for life’s unexpected twists & turns:

GIVE HER or YOU: As unsexy as it may be, life insurance and long-term care are some of the best gifts you can give yourself on behalf of your love for those who you hope to be a part of your aging. To make the process lighter, consider thinking through your plans with Campowerment expert and Financial Literacy Coach Vickie Frazier-Williams, MBA. She’s a ball of energy and loves helping you strategize what’s best for your wants and needs later, starting now. And she offers a free coaching call to get you started.
Cost: $0 to get started planning with a free coaching call

Schedule your call here

. . .


GIVE HER or YOU: Handel Group Life Coaching’s Inner.U, the online coaching course that gives you the tools to get yourself honestly and deeply happy where it matters most to xyou
Cost: $325

Learn more & buy a lifetime membership here

. . .

that voice you wish you projected when you sing in the shower:

GIVE HER or YOU: Vocal Coaching, Acting Coaching, Audition Coaching & Preparation (college, productions, etc.)
Cost: $120 per hour (discount with multiple-session purchase)

Book a session or package with Diane here 

. . .

A subconscious pathway for change:

GIVE HER or YOU: One-on-one Hypnosis sessions for Past-Life Regression with Teresa Hegji, CHt
Cost: $300  Book now thru Feb 2021 when you email Teresa.

Book by email here

. . .

A ritual — or buddy — that brings you bliss:

GIVE HER or YOU: Anne “Sussy” Sussman’s book “The Bliss Buddy Project: How Sharing Gratitude Increases JoyCost: $10
Then if you want your own Bliss Buddy (no cost), email

OR go bigger: Transform your life with a practice of meditation and mindfulness. Take $25 off a package of 3 private session: $450, $50 off a 6-session package of $800 or $75 off a 9-session package of $1,000!

Book by email here

. . .

Something to seriously look forward to: 

GIVE HER or YOU: a Campowerment Retreat or Fancy Camp in 2021: Campers ages 21-80+ learn, grow, play and bunk together (OR go to Fancy Camp where they can have their own King bed…or own Deluxe room!) to form an intergenerational, purpose-driven community of women who are bold enough to show up for themselves and for each other.
Cost: Camp Retreat: $1,699; Fancy Camp: Starting at $3,800

Book a bunk space at Nov 2021 Camp!

Sign up for Fancy Camp in Summer 2021!

. . .

Happy holidays, from our campfire to yours!

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