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2021 Lookback 🦋

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Dec 22 ∙ 9 Min Read

Remember how you felt at eight (almost nine) years old, knowing you knew yourself well enough to sit at the big kids’ table and hold your own, and also wondering what you might be like when you grew up? 

Throughout 2021, Campowerment has been that age, and what a beautiful twelve months of becoming it has been for this community that continues to show us the many rich layers of who she is, and allows us to imagine all the possibilities of who she will grow into being.

For being alive and well, and for having gotten the opportunity to be more alive and more well in incredible company with YOU, we toast the year that was.

Get those champagne glasses ready, ‘cause we’re toasting to YOU for these:

Campowerment’s Top 2021 Memories

Gathering 360 purpose-driven folx at 6 venues in 4 states

With three incredible custom clients and a growing women’s community we cherish, we trotted around to Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Texas and California, to finally re-ignite, beyond the limits of the campfire we used to know with…

|| 90 brilliant young scholars who root their community in Herb It Forward Foundation (HIFF) Leadership Camp, an annual event we get to put on for and with their organization’s team – our custom program client.

A sleepaway camp in the Pocono Mountains, about 90 minutes outside of Philly, has become their home away from home, where we’ve built rituals together and also watched theirs grow in the form of tear-jerking grad ceremony, a rowdy talent show, a mentorship program meetup, resume-building sessions and just about the most competitive set of games we’ve ever been a part of.

|| 30 pioneering women* at Campowerment’s first-ever Fancy Camp! In Asheville, North Carolina, we (finally) got to bring the upscale transformational retreat to the world at The Horse Shoe Farm – a slice of Heaven, we tell ya!

We gathered here to love big and adventure greatly into uncharted territory of Campowerment’s tried-and-true expert-led programming, powered by play, wrapped in decadent details, like ultra-luxe spa treatments with a spiritual lean at The Stable Spa on site. Within a few hours of pampering our purpose at Fancy Camp, we knew we’d do it again, because wow.

Join us at Fancy Camp in 2022, wouldya?!
Or at least, peep the schedule 😉

|| 40 magnificent high-grossing real estate professionals from across the country, who are each equally as performance-driven as they are philanthropic. This bunch united at a gorgeous, upscale, nature-clad venue in Austin, Texas around Messy Middle Mastermind, a networking group that brings joy to work, life and collective impact, and a client we had an absolute ball collaborating with.

Together, they raised more than $70K (in 30 minutes!!) for charities near and dear to them. We can hardly wait to re-ignite with them next year! MMM campers: <3.

|| 40 Behavior Analysts committed to changing the scape of their industry and do better for the next gen of ABAs. This group, all women, belong to a professional network called Do Better Collective, which flocked to another venue in the Poconos – a camp that acts as a lakeside conference center year-round – and integrated Continued Education Units into their retreat’s agenda so they could bounce between fun & games, personal development, networking and professional certification.

We’re stoked that our visionary client is putting a stake in the ground to make this an annual (un)conference to bring their industry (s’)more of what they believe it needs: a steadfast commitment to change and self-care for those who shepherd it. Let’s goooo!

And lastly…

|| 160 wide-eyed, massive-hearted women who came to 2021’s Classic Camp in the TopaTopa mountains of Ojai, California. We – you – created magic together, for four fabulous days, after waiting two years to get back there!

Be there to live it up as we break it down at Classic Camp in 2022!
See what a weekend looks like here.

Or do the damn thing and register to #ReigniteYourLife at Classic Camp East or Classic Camp West. 

. . . . 

Sharing the megaphone with 18 experts at retreats and 60 experts in our digital community THIS YEAR

They led sessions on dreaming, hard conversations, caring for aging parents, intention-setting, truth-telling, finding calm in Yoga Nidra. In book clubs and Monthly Milestone Circles and journaling sessions and 1-on-1 personal sessions between YOU and lots of experts (included in your digital unlimited membership).

On the divine feminine, on poop and gut health (take a minute there), on how to not become your parents, on imagination, on loving kindness, on mood makeovers, on sexual agency, on anxiety, on the power of the pause. We learned about beauty as an inside job, akashic records, Emotional Freedom Technique, making mandalas, yoga’s ethical guidelines to life (the Yamas and Niyamas).

We dug deep into legacy and love languages and the healing power of plants. We got the scoop on book-writing…and inspired multiple books to be written! We began to understand our own unconscious bias. We had despacho ceremonies, we did exercises with women 40+, we improved relationships with money and finances, we meditated, we danced (wildly).

We were humbled, frequently, and honored, always, to get to leverage this Campowerment platform for thought leaders (like this) share their wisdom across so many areas of life, with both breadth and depth.

Online alone, these sage folx joined us in…

HOSTING 400 live, interactive sessions on, our transformational membership community for purpose-driven women

Click for s’more on our year-round offerings

Also, totally worth noting:

CELEBRATING 13 moons together, online

With rituals led by Caitlin Peterson, LCSW, Integrative Psychotherapist, CHT, Founder: The Soul School, our digital community connected monthly around the cycles of the moon — be it new or full! Cait guided us through the connection opportunities the moon offered for us to slow down, listen to ourselves and move into the next phase of our months. 

Perhaps you should peep the schedule and join to get in on this deliciousness?

. . . . 

seeing more diversity of camper’s ethnicity, background and experiences than ever before

One of our hugest, most meaningful wins — perhaps THE most meaningful — was seeing women…inclusive of every single person who is called to further explore their experience of a feminine bond we share…of more shapes, colors, sizes and stories than ever in Campowerment history.

We (finally) had our call to grow here answered by non-binary and trans folx, by more AAPI women, more Hispanic women, more women from communities of color. And when we say that the diversity of community composition had a huge, underlying impact on the way camp feltwe feel we’re actually understating its power.

In the safe spaces Campowerment campers, experts and Rangers co-create, we felt an expanded sense of belonging to our growing community, via digital and in-person retreats.

We have been and always (always always always) will be committed to creating more inclusive and safe spaces for women looking to belong to an awesome, healing community. And the more folx can see themselves here, the more we believe they’ll be called to belong here, too.

So, for those who’ve been one of few among a group of individuals who were one of many for all the years leading up to this, thank you for holding that space, and for your patience while we grow into our potential. And to all: thank you for inviting your friends from all walks of life onto this playground.

We hold the privilege of curating experiences for you all in incredibly high honor.

. . . . 

witnessing global, intergenerational friendships form among campers with up to 50 years between them

From ages 24 to 74, Campowerment campers and members of the online community showed up for themselves and each other on this transformational playground. How awesome is that?!

At IRL retreats, womxn flew from more than half the states in the U.S. and all the way from France!! That’s right: a huge highlight from 2021 was…

having one camper travel 5,652 miles to get to classic camp

From Paris to Ojai for Campowerment? Now that is the road less traveled! 

Emilie Scherer: you rock. And you have your Camper of the Day award in Ojai in November to show for it 😉

Join the party, from wherever you are, in 2022

. . . . 

sending 17 women to camp on scholarship because of our community (yes, you)’s record-breaking fundraising

Since the last #GivingTuesday 2019, you YOU, our *amazing* community, donated upwards of $30K for Nov 2021 scholarships via Give Her Camp — our sister 501c3 that offers retreat scholarships to incredible women who live + breathe our highest values and flex resilience all year.

Dollar for dollar, your contributions sent 17 women (64% women of color) to re-ignite their lives last weekend in Ojai, and damn: will the impact of that be exponential!!

Learn about the scholarship opp here

Then – oh wait – breaking s’more records before closing out the year, donating to fund 26 scholarships in the year ahead

With a median average of $100.00 donation, y’all raised $10,000, bit by bit. In fact, more than 100 of you extended your support for Give Her Camp (FEIN: 81-1407528), which three donors committed to triple leading into Giving Tuesday.

All the while, the donations kept on coming, exceeding the match, blowing away our wildest expectations, and landing this gorgeous milestone.

Stay tuned for 2022 applications and nominations, coming soon. Be sure you’re signed up to receive our emails (scroll down to the bottom of this page) to be among the first to know when we’re live!

Missed the chance to donate! We’re open for support all year. Donate here.

. . . . 

So much to celebrate, fam. thank you for a year that took us all to new heights ’round the campfire. may 2022 be entirely better than our wildest collective imagination, and inspire us to expand that, too 😉

From the campfire & beyond,

The Campowerment Crew

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