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State of Our Union – November 2021

by Chelsea Leader Gold
 ∙ Nov 24 ∙ 5 Min Read

ICYMI: this past August, I got married. At a camp. Under the watchful heart of one of my best friends, Anne “Sussy” Sussman, an incredible woman nearly three decades my senior. Together — my husband Peter, our rabbi, Anne, our parents and our best friends — we created a safe and sacred container, beginning and ending with a meditation, and filled to the brim with presence.

Leading up to our ceremony, we played all day. friends and relatives of ours who never knew one another, across generations, from cities far and wide — they connected. We curated tables and assigned seats the way we at campowerment curate bunks and compile the group to populate them. We made beauty from a vision completely made possible because of my time – my mom’s time – my Grandy’s time – building Campowerment, and learning as we have been building with YOU.

At our camp wedding, we came through many months of a global pandemic, a global awakening of sorts, and we remembered in our bodies and our hearts what it feels like to be in union as a community. to feel safe enough to let go of pretense and dance and laugh and cry and not have every single comfort but to feel so comfortable in our own skin together.


Shortly thereafter, we at Campowerment, charged to bring this buzzy feeling of connected confluence to others, jumped back into a full-throttle retreat season.

Our small, mighty crew traveled to Asheville, North Carolina; Austin, Texas; to the Poconos of Pennsylvania (twice); to Ojai, California; and all over the interwebs to take our favorite emotionally strategic approach to inspire other unions outside of ourselves. We got to serve hundreds of folx, some of whom were amped on the idea of engaging in what campowerment offers at its highest frequency; some of whom were like, “uh, I’ll be there because I said I would be;” all of whom, at the very least, have walked away shifted, with another experience to entertain and remember…and friends and colleagues to remind them what’s available…when life feels stuck!

This year we worked with clients who bring together high-performing real estate professionals on a mission to leverage their leadership for philanthropy; behavior analysts paving a path to do better in an industry crying out for their willingness to evolve; burgeoning young leaders who have created a culture and tradition of mentorship and success within their annual custom campowerment gates; and individual women* who are ready to change the way they show up for life — if even just a little — so that they can change the way life shows up for them.


We partnered with almost 25 experts in that process, and nearly double that number online.

We watched unions happen among groups gathering on purpose, and felt the ground beneath us more sturdy than we’ve ever felt it to be..:which is pretty wild during times that feel as shaky as ever.

2021 has beckoned Campowerment’s next new beginning, y’all.

And leading into 2022, we enter chapter three — an acknowledgment that came to me halfway into Classic Camp #25.

Welcome to the era of expansion!We all belong here.

Yes: we are READY (because operationally that’s a myth but in terms of confidence, it’s a mindset) to spread our wings and wrap them around every person who wants to be living life as their most awake and alive, alongside others willing to do what it takes to do the same.

No: we do not want to be for everyone (not possible and also, no thank you**).

Yes: we have ambitious plans for the year ahead, and room for you if these words are getting you fired up!!***

For Campowerment x YOU: 2022 means there’s no excuse NOT to be seeing life through camp goggles — the ones that reveal worlds of possibility rippling from you at the epicenter.

We have a digital membership community that connects and inspires all year;

We have Classic Camps on both Coasts in 2022 (NE – hi again!!);

We have Fancy Camp for those who prefer their re-ignition pampered;

And we have a scholarship foundation to open our gates to anyone who can’t otherwise get here

Help us fundraise to send incredible women to camp in 2022!

You want 2022 to be the year you take off into the sunset living your wildest dreams?

Cool, we want that for you to. Giddy up at!!

More specifically:

~ Start here if you’re an individual woman* ready to #ReigniteYourLife

~ Start here if you’re jonesing for learning, growth, new friendships, deeper connection to your you-ness starting this week

~ Start here if you’re in the position to gather or convene a group, team, company or org around a shared mission, vision or values

~ Start here if you’re looking to support or partake in our sister 501c3 scholarship organization

And side note: We’re dreaming in technicolor about buying a camp of our own. So please do connect here if you’re in the know about a property that would make a great home for Campowerment retreats.

2022: let’s do dis! Together or bust…

in safe and sacred union, from the campfire and beyond…


*Yes, of course trans and non-binary folx are welcome here. currently developing more seamless language to carve out that space so it feels more like a given

**Cyndie Spiegel: holla

***You’re in good company; I think the guy next to me on this airplane is pumped too!!

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