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Meet the Experts of Classic Camp East 2022!

by Megan Weissman
 ∙ Aug 28 ∙ 9 Min Read

Attention campers and those who have that twinkle of “maaaaybe I’ll be a camper” too: the #CountdownToTheCampfire is soON, for Classic Camp East this Sept 29-Oct 2 in the Pocono Mountains!!!

Get the scoop on Classic Camp East here!

Besides roasting s’mores, scaling the lakeside ropes course (!!), boating, dancing, bonding, receiving, contributing to community and…and…and…we’ll be learning and growing and laughing with these experts!

Their gift and knowledge range from spiritual hypnosis, reinvention and self branding, yoga, Enneagram exploration, parenting tactics, processing grief, exploring the 5 areas of healing, rebooting your sensual appetite, journaling and s’more more more…

Meet the Experts of Classic Camp East 2022

As if you need another reason to sign up now!

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Imagine yourself in this schedule with these experts, fully embedded, running relay races beside you after they share wisdom that could enhance your whole worldview!

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S’more on the September experts:

Lauren Holland // Lauren came into this work the way that many of us do – through her own quest for healing. After successfully employing these techniques to overcome depression and completely transform her life for the better, she now helps others to do the same. Certified in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT), Usui Reiki, and Angelic Energy Healing, her mission is to reconnect her clients to their natural state in which anything is possible. She blends hypnosis, energy work, tarot, and other metaphysical practices to uniquely catalyze clients towards rediscovering their purpose, joy, and freedom. Founder + owner of Makaristic,  Lauren works with women and BIPOC, helping them heal from limiting beliefs, generational cycles & trauma-based survival patterns. At camp Lauren will introduce you to your soul from another lifetime, teach you how to clear your own energy & share reiki with your people and dismantle shame and help you make amends with your inner child.

Dr. Juliana Hauser // She’s that friend who knows a hell of a lot about sex and sexuality, doesn’t make you feel awkward, allows you space to be seen and heard and has decades of experience doing so. A Ph.D., two professional licenses, and a passion for empowering others to find a deeper, more meaningful sexual connection to themselves and others gives her the foundation to need to do what she does. Having traversed her own journey through love, loss, motherhood, and the world of academics, Dr. Juliana has come to understand that ownership over one’s own sexuality is the at the foundation of every fulfilled and confident person. At camp, Dr. Juliana will lead you to reconnect more deeply with your inner sexy, help you embrace your agency and take your power back and take you on a journey to reboot your sensual appetite.

Lois Nachamie // Long considered one of the first experts in “advanced maternal aged motherhood,” Lois, a board certified psychotherapist in a private practice in New York City and Wilmington, Delaware, for the last thirty years has been a parenting consultant and therapist for a wide range of issues. Her most deeply satisfying work has been helping women transition from being successful career women to becoming career women who are also successful moms. At camp, Lois will take you thru the stages of caring for aging parents, help you explore your mommy issues (as daughter or mother) and redefine parenting roles for children/humans of all ages.

Vanessa Fernandez // An executive coach and a triple certified Enneagram teacher, her approach to coaching focuses on nervous system regulation, natural strength amplification and re-humanizing. She specializes in working with executive teams who are looking to shift corporate culture to a human first approach. She is thrilled to get to bring life changing concepts such as: nervous system regulation, radical inclusivity of all parts and inner child work into corporations and people living in the ‘real world’. Vanessa was a featured speaker at the International Enneagram Association Global Conference, has been published in Enneagram Magazine and works with teams at companies such as Deloite, YouTube, Google, Kitces and more. At camp, Vanessa will …

imagine what could be a possible with these women in your corner?

C’mon, GF – Register here! 

Tammi Leader // After three decades as an award-winning Television Producer, Tammi Leader took a huge leap of faith, stepping out of the TV Studio and back into nature to create Campowerment, the purveyor of live and transformative, expert-led experiences, powered by play! In partnership with her College Professor mother (Grandy) and Brand Strategist oldest daughter (Chelsea), and the support of her entire family, Tammi created a new concept, live and off-air: a sleepaway-camp-inspired experience where grown-up women (like her) could re-ignite their lives. At camp Tammi will take you on a deep dive into self discovery, help you uncover your ‘why’ and rewrite your story, get you into a love affair with journaling. 

Meryl Russo // A self-professed seeker, Meryl has been a student of human behavior for over 30 years. In her coaching, workshops and groups, Meryl stands in one central truth of humanity: that we all want to matter and be “seen.” She believes we are born with an internal GPS, a knowing, an aliveness and a desire to connect.When we “see” ourselves, we can “see,” connect and be of service to others. What derails us is the internal chatter and stories we tell ourselves; our limiting beliefs. Through compassionate listening, kindness and impactful tools, Meryl shares an inside-out practice to pause, recalibrate and help us get out of our own way. At camp Meryl will guide you thru the stages of grief and help you on your journey, help you slow down and love who you see in the mirror and take you out into the great outdoors to share our collective wisdom.

Anne “Sussy” Sussman // A certified Mindfulness and Meditation Instructor focused on teaching others the skills needed to create a fluency in mindfulness, empowering individuals to be compassionate listeners and sharing techniques for living in high vitality. Through her company, Mindfulness Meeting Place, Anne offers instruction to individuals, small groups, and organizations and provides mindfulness education courses specifically designed to increase productivity and focus, while decreasing stress and anxiety. Anne is the author of “The Bliss Buddy Project-How Sharing Gratitude Increases Joy”, in which she offers her simple acronym to follow, along with the how and why gratitude practice can be life changing. At camp, Anne will lead you through the 5 areas of healing, help you embrace ageless living, guide you through lakeside meditation and teach you how to dream without boundaries.

Grand Exit: Tamatha Thomas-Haase & Chelsea Leader Gold // In November 2019, Tamatha became a “camper” at Campowerment — a gift she gave to herself to celebrate living through, and with, a cancer diagnosis. After four days at camp, she left feeling cancer-free in mind, body and spirit. Chelsea ran that retreat — her family’s business — days before her favorite person in the world — her “Grandy” — took her last breath. Together, Tamatha and Chelsea began a journey to create something meaningful about a month later. Since then, they’ve been building Grand Exit, conversation-starting conversations on living, dying & living on, for those who intend to be remembered. At camp, Grand Exit will go deeper into ideas to get us — and you — thinking and talking differently about the grandest moments of our personal journey. 

Surely you’re ready to sign up now?

What are YOU waiting for? 

Caitlin Peterson // Her life’s work is to support others as they cross the bridge from a place of self-doubt, victimization and crises to lives full of awareness, personal responsibility and universal compassion. Caitlin obtained her Masters in Social Work from Fordham University, and is currently a practicing LCSW, Certified Heart-Centered Hypnotherapist and Certified Warrior Goddess Facilitator with 13-years of experience in nonprofit leadership and clinical social services. Caitlin developed a team approach to client care through Evolve: The Soul School, which stands on the principle that each human is intrinsically whole and is connected to a higher power. At camp, Caitlin will help you usher in new beginnings, guide you in “unlearning” the limited beliefs you’ve come to accept about yourself and your world around you and give you a new appreciation for full moons (among other things).

Gabbi Johnson // It wasn’t until spring 2020 when COVID-19 hit, that Gabbi was forced to face her true self…her suppressed emotions, fears, and traumas that she had been running from her whole life. Being quarantined for months, her thoughts were taking a negative toll on her mental health. Gabbi chose to rediscover herself. So she created my Pursuit of Happiness; a social account to consistently check in to update on her journey, her progress, and her setbacks. She has been blessed with the opportunity to become a Certified Holistic Wellness Coach and a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200), to teach yoga and lead at retreats and with groups, on and offline. At camp Gabbi will help stretch you to embrace a daily yoga practice, show you how to love your body lots s’more and put you in touch with your intuition. 

Soul Camp – Ali Leipzig & Michelle Garside // Soul Camp Creative’s story truly begins at summer camp in the Pocono Mountains. Alison and Michelle went to the same sleep-away camp every summer for 8 weeks and reconnected 15 years later at a flash mob in Washington Square Park doing their favorite workout, intenSati. Ali + Michelle became best friends and started Soul Camp, a sleep-away camp for adults that served thousands of campers. At camp, Michelle and Alison are here to activate your soul’s purpose and support you in listening to and creating the dream that lives inside of you.

ok, you must be ready now!!!

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