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Meet Campowerment Experts
“How can you flourish in one area of your life & flounder in another? Let's get in to it.”

Aisha R. Shabazz LCSW, MSS, MLSP

Psychotherapist; Anxiety Relief Specialist and Confidence Strategist
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“You are a fighter, and you will make it.”

Arabia Mollette, M.D.

Emergency Medicine Physician, On-Air Medical Contributor
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“I create a world of freedom by teaching people to break their chains.”

Ashanti Branch, M.Ed.

Award-Winning Educator, Community Leader & Speaker
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“The stories that we tell ourselves shape our reality. It's an incredible time to go blind. ”

Chad Foster

Blind Black Diamond Skier; Author: Blind Ambition
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“The way our bodies look is the least interesting thing about us.”

Chrissy King

Writer & Speaker on Anti-Racism, D&I and Equity for the Wellness Industry, Creator of The Body Liberation Project™
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“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the water to create many ripples.”

Iso & Alex Mora

Co-Founders, Legalize They; Inclusivity Advocates
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“It's time we recognize prevention of cancer will be our most effective cure.”

Maggie DiNome, M.D.

Chief of General Surgery at Saint John's Hospital
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“Change the story, and pursue the truth relentlessly, always.”

Mercedes Soler

Ancestral Practitioner
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“How we live our lives becomes our legacy.”

Merle R. Saferstein

Legacy Educator, Author, Journaling Facilitator
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“The only limits we have are the ones we put on ourselves.”

Nikki Porcher

Founder, Buy From a Black Woman & Black Woman Advocate
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“The future of our cities depends on our youth.”

Peter Gold, M.D.

Surgeon; Founder, Strong City
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“Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermen tum. Aliquam porttitor sit.”

Rodolfo (Rudie) Altamirano, Ph.D.

DEI Professor and Leader at University of Pennsylania
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“For me, being trans isn't about hormones or pronouns or identity. It's quite simply having the audacity to live a full life, to no longer shrink who I am, to embrace all that I am. It's the most radical act of self-love I could've ever imagined.”

shawndeez, Ph.D.

Trans Scholar, Gender Consultant, Public Speaker, Spiritual Guide
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“Life is not what you can take; It’s what you can give.”

Tahir Whitehead

Retired NFL Linebacker; Dedicated Philathropist
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“I left my TV career with two Emmys and a dream: to build communities of happy, empowered people ready to propel themselves forward.”

Tammi Leader

Founder, Campowerment
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“You should never let anyone stop you from dreaming, or tell you what you can't do.”

Tatiana Lee

Hollywood Inclusionist, Actor, Model
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“Donec nec justo eget felis facilisis fermen tum. Aliquam porttitor sit.”

Tovi C. Scruggs-Hussein

Founder: Tici'ess, Inc. and Leader, Healer & Speaker
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Way-Fun Fact #17
Our team was founded by 3 generations of women in the Leader family, whose legacy of wisdom, savvy + tenacity bring this movement to life.