“We all deserve to have a sense of home in our bodies, identities, work, and organizations. Sometimes things get in the way of that.”

Noel is a counselor and community leader who spearheads mental health programming for Asian-Americans and folx who find themselves at the intersections of race, class, gender, and sexuality. He self-describes as, “committed to work that honors community and grounded in love, honor, and respect.”

He’s highly (highly, highly) credentialed, and in addition to his academic degrees & certifications, he currently teaches a wide range of graduate courses at Columbia University and West Chester University. His academic work focuses on developing programming on patient-centered medical homes, integrated health, recovery-oriented primary care, and body-positive behavioral interventions.

His professional background is focused on communities that he is personally and professionally committed to serving: Asian-Asian American communities, gay/bisexual men, people of color, HIV/AIDS, body-positive communities, social workers, and other social service providers, and the recovery community.

Proudly, Noel is the director and owner of Mango Tree Counseling & Consulting, LLC. — an Asian and Asian-American mental health resource powered by professionals who seek to improve the mental health of our communities through connection, mobilization, and compassion.

His practice is informed by immigrant-Filipino parents who love through a sense of home, a chosen Queer family who resist subjugation, and a public health community that seeks to honor social and environmental context.