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Screw the Comfort Zone: Camper Stories

by Campowerment Crew
 ∙ Mar 19 ∙ 3 Min Read

Talking about expanding and pushing past the comfort zone isn’t reserved for holidays; it’s something to be consciously acknowledged each and every day.  How else can we be relentless in the pursuit of our dreams?

Our campers know that the time to be bold and commit to our dreams is RIGHT NOW, and they know that sometimes achieving your goals means being brave enough to do something differently.

Take a Leap of Faith

When my husband and I decided to start our own business, I was terrified of the thought of failing, and losing the income of my husband who we decided would run our business 100% of the time. I have always worked in a corporate environment with the security and benefits that provides so going out on our own without a net was definitely out of my comfort zone. But I took the leap, and it has paid off tremendously!

– Amy Glass West, Camper

Amy knew that staying safe and comfortable, with the security blanket of her corporate job, was no longer serving her.  To really commit to her dream meant forgoing the idea of safety net, and truly taking a leap of faith, owning her decision all the while. 

Embrace the Uncomfortable

“I was in Sedona at a Gathering of Shamans with Don Miguel Luis (who wrote The Four Agreements) and there was going to be a fire walk.  When I signed up for the gathering, I thought “nope, not me” I had no intention to do the fire walk.  I was ok with that decision, too. On the night of the fire walk I was standing in a circle with 200 people, all of us holding hands.  I was next to this guy, and his hands were super sweaty because scared but also because he was so excited to step into his fear.  At that moment I said to myself, “What are you so afraid of Susie? Just do it.” I did it, it was magic and I would do it again.  The experience challenged my beliefs and gave me courage.  Not a bad reward for walking across fire (4 times). 

P.S. no one was hurt or burned.”

-Susie Goliti, Camper

Our brain uses fear to try and keep us safe.  While this served great voluntary purposes (hello instincts to run from not toward fire) sometimes we’ve got to override those impulses.  Finding the courage to

Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

“In Jan of 2018, I was standing in our kitchen with my family.  We were talking about resolutions. I decided: this year I was going to be selfish. Screw it: all my energy was going to be focused on me, a better me.

Maybe this kind of self-commitment is a rite of passage.  At 50+ years old, it’s time to take ownership.  Fifteen months, lots of introspection, listening to myself, digging and questioning later: I am stronger and better. It has been very interesting understanding my “why” and beginning to be okay with the options I didn’t even consider.”

– Manal Alsharif-Hanna, Camper

Manal knows what’s up: to get new output, you’ve got to shake up the input.  Shifting focus to herself wasn’t something that came naturally; being ‘selfish’ was a conscious decision she made.  She raised some eyebrows when she made this declaration, but it’s one that has lead her on a path to stronger, better self. To emerge as the best version of yourself, sometimes you’ve got to make decisions you’ve never made before. 

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