“I still find that laughter is the best medicine.”

Deborah is a LA-based general and addiction psychiatrist treating adults and adolescents for over 15 years.  She is fully aware that visiting a psychiatrist can be a frightening and uncomfortable experience.  Her goal is to provide a safe, calm and informative environment that offers tools and resources towards self understanding, self-advocacy, compassion and wellbeing.

Through her practice, she’s learned that health and wellness often “takes a village.” To that end, she approaches treatment with her patients as “teamwork”, and offers a variety of types of psychotherapy, healing tools, supplements and medication, if necessary. She also works closely with a strong group of therapists and practitioners to help meet her patient’s needs, including trauma and general psychotherapists, pain specialists, physical and cranio-sacral therapists, reiki, acupuncturists, yogis, yoga therapists and nutritionists.   She hopes to demystify and normalize “a visit to the psychiatrist” by making it informative, grounding and (with a little humor) even enjoyable!

She also emphasizes the importance of community to her patients, and knows that if they have a support network, from friends, family, religious affiliation or recovery support groups, they will tend to do better in anything they pursue.   With that in mind, Deborah has co-created Project Refind, a group focused on inspiring women through the power of community to divine and create their “next step.”